Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ANZAC DAY... remembering war and those who fell

well today is a sad day, a day to look back a day to remember. But also a day to hope. For me it is a day of school and so I am using it to paint, ever with the thoughts of real war in the back of my head, I wish that we could replace real war with war games but that is a pointless dream as it is impossible... But Let me tell you a bit about my families involvement in the great war and the second world war...

Two of my great grandfathers were in the wars...
My fathers, fathers father was involved in WWII. I am sure he killed the most people as he was in the (cough) Catering Corp, he cooked food. He fought (cooked) in Germany and stayed on after the war. I am proud of him as he seems a nice peaceful character and did not go to kill (intentionally) he would have seen the horrors of war but not made them.

the same cannot be said for my other great grandfather...

My mothers, mothers father was a scientist so I guess you can see where this story might go... He was a member of the royal scientific society (I think that is what it is called) and worked in research and production for weapons... During WWI. This meant chemical weaponry, the greatest horror that joined the battlefield in the war. so while he was back home away from the front he helped cause some major atrocities.

but for the previous generations the family has been peaceful (except for my mothers father who was a Freemason) my own father is an ardent pacafist and took part in demonstracions against the placement of Nukes in the UK during the cold war... the CIA must have a photo of him somewhere. as for me I only like wargames though I am sure that my father would prefer I went back to my N scale railway as it is non-war related.

hope you enjoyed my post... let us never forget the fallen

Saturday, 21 April 2012

crime in war, war in crime

this was my entry into the group build over at the guild. it is part of my grand project but it is a building so it classified as an entry.
a town street ruined my war, the sorrows of many can be seen in the rubble of old shops and factories

more ruins behind the road, look at the walls broken, the ladder winding its way up to the roof

I call this my money shot

out of focus but cool terrain for war eh?

brocken walls and doors and a sneak peak as to what is inside

there are the removable floors in order of height, top on the left, bottom on the right.

what a poor inocent... hand on a moment!!!

these look like the hallmarks of a counterfiet operation

lets look upstairs

behind these ruins there is another story to tell

ah ha just what I was looking for a printing machine churning out cash

look at all the cash

paper in on the right cash sheets out on the left

now we go down the stairs to the ground floor

in th other half of the building the ruins of war are obvious

and on this side a bathroom

here is an airial view. pretty cool eh?

now the whole structure looking throught that gapping hole

here is a soldier climbing up through the rubble to get up to the next story

he's made it but what will he find???
Now onto my new followers 3 to announce. (seems to be the theme of this site)
greetings to 1939 from 1939-1939Pola ChwaƂy and code-name wargaming.
welcome to Bluewillow from well just go look at their profile alot of blogs... they are being very nice to me as they are willing to send me some old AFV kits. Now I can build my forces :-D
helo to Thomas from Full spectrum warrior3rd gulf warthomas wargames and he also is involved in code-name wargaming.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!! (ceasar terrorists)

Ok it has come finaly they are done, I was working overtime last night and this morning to get them all done. I hope that has not effected their quality. but why keep you waiting anylonger??? so now onto the figs/bods
here they come... once they were called peasants then the working class! Now they are the people

on the left is Karri .C. Tuf and on the right is Bean Castrae Ted

Add some heavy weaponry to the mix

and there guys are going to rebel

a big hug to my little sister who helpped me paint the pink fig!!! I say it is like lady penelope gone rouge

this is also a great opportunity to reveal my next board to you all

but just showing off figs on a board is boring, let me tell you a tale.

the fist guns sound... brutal and cold

the people rush in to defend their neighbourhood

trucks roll in, normaly they carry sheep today they cary the shepard

alittle bit of profesional help is provided by Karri .C. Tuf

here her goons in white suits let here talk buisness with local leader . the anglo-colombian Bean Castrae Ted and his people will fight to the end
and so the battle rages on buildings fall and screams rize but it all seems right to the terrorists eyes.

hope you enjoyed that. onto me next troops then, some old Arfix NATO ground crew I aquired in a trade with my follower DAVID or for all of you on Benno's forum Duke atreides.  I hope to start them today along with some other figs. see you all again soon.

Friday, 6 April 2012

profile update...

some of you may have noticed that my profile has been updated. I hae decided to reveal a bit more about myself rather than just being mad. I did this because I feel the need to tell the world who I am and maybe to get them to understand why my work is not as good as others. so here is my new intro:

born early 1995 I lived for the first 10 years of my life in England land of my birth, but then aged 10 I moved to NZ where I have lived since. at an early age I was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, dispraxia and ASD I may not be good socially or good at sport but when it comes to mad ideas and creativity I am unsurpassed. currently my love of the language of Spanish is great and my passion for models is mighty. but life must go on, so I created a blog to show the world what a mad guy with little time can achieve.

ADHD is well known so you probably know how this would inhibit my ability, if not look it up. I have it mildly
Dyslexia basically screws up my handwriting and spelling ability but also does not make painting any easier.
Dispraxia (which i spelt wrong) ruined my hand eye co-ordination so no sports for me.
ASD autistic spectrum disorder. means I have social disabilities and other problems but I have strived to overcome them all my life.

well now you all know a little more about me. maybe it will make you see my work in a different light. but thankyou all who follow my blog(s). I hope to see you all comment here. PLEASE no "oh I feel so sorry for you" comments, I am proud of who I am