Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Latin American special forces2

Ok now onto the next batch of soldiers to enter the fray. this time the troops are mostly part of the support teams and specialists rather than the special forces troops them selves...
the troops have assembled now in the streets. thanks to the other teams success at removing the sniper

the captain downloads the latest stats on the enamies movement while a soldier readies his weapon in case of an attack

something is rolling down the road towards them...

bang!!! a large explosion shakes the ground (and my camera) the blast  injures one of the squads LMG troopers

in the street near by 2 more mambers of the support team are on the move

One a medic rushed to the injured soldier

the Other a member of Elite Guard. Distinguished  by his body armour blue  shirt and gold medals and emblems patrols the street to avoid any counter attacks

the medic runs as fast as he can but will he be in time?
And what was rolling down the street you ask? Well I have just got my order of a tank and a truck with rocket launchers. I think that it was the truck heading for them or else they would have run away!

:-D there you go I have more to paint and do but hang around and comment on these figs.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Latin American special forces1

OK I recieved these figs yeasterday. These are the famous went to the wrong adress the first time figs.

Why Latin American special forces? why not?
besides my era is 2020 and I am always finding stuff to do with russia and iran in near future conflict but not South and Central America. So I decided that must change.

here are the figs. they are armed with the german X25 R invented in 2019 and looks very similar to the m16 but it is more advanced. they wear the latest in composite armour and a rough boaring camoflage as modern technology decreases camo's effectiveness.

the 4 man group is the smallest unit of these troop. seen here they are  trying to get out of a store 

the food is tempting but dicipline, self control and the expirery date stop the soldiers from stealing

they see thier chance and run

they escape and cross the road using the cover of sandbags as defence

and they storm the building which is thier mission objective inside are some snipers which have been killing many troops who have advanced through the city

as they prepare to move out and take out the snipers by the window they secure the room to stop thier targets fleeing.

As they move in one man keeps his eye out the window. They need to watch out for rienforcemants.
so there you go. My first set of modern troops I ordered. the second I painted. A big thankyou to Wayne russle and sam for resending the figs after I messed up.

Also I have started a new blog devoted to my projects and ideas so that this site can be left for figs and kits and the news I have. oh and the finnished projects

Friday, 24 February 2012

Karri .C. Tuf Vs snipers and project update

Ok here we go the 7th update on the project and not alot of progress to report... sort of. But to make up for that I've included a little story that unfolded today in the streets of this lawless town. just go past the first few entries that relate to the project update to get to the pics.

the 1st floor of the hotel with nice rug laid down
a view of the hotel. It may not look like much now but all it needs is a bit of details and...

... it'll be cool. as you can see here there is a nice amount of room down stairs to put in desks and other forms of cover

in the shop Karri .C. Tuf's minions get to work

but snipers get into posiotion atop the hotel

one has a grenade launcher this could turn ugly. Like Karri herself

but the minions find cover and avoid the bullets

the floor above is abandoned as the bullets rain down

a second group of snipers sets up on the cafe

more minions abandon their positions as the sand bag wall is bombarded

the streets are cleared but the war continues

the snipers can only hope Karri dosen't escape

 here is a print off sheet of some details I got online. it's an easy way to get rugs, paintings, blue prints, ect.
as you can see there is a wide verity of pictures in here  guess what they are and you'll guess what buildings I might build next. ;-D
that is what I've done this week. Hope you've enjoyed this update. Oh and about Karri she hasn't appeared yet!

MY first metal figs!!! painted.

OK I am unsure whether I will call them finished or not. They look decent enough so I shall include them in my things to put up on my blog today list.
two national force troops are waiting to launch a surprise attack

the two soldiers see them

sorry a bit fuzzy. but loverly focus on the walking guys shoe :-P

the whole lot together. 

the two national force troops. they are modern germans but I think they look great as a force for 2020 south america
there you go I may call them finnished I may not it all depends on when the other figures I ordered arrive.
Oh and if you are a casual visiter with no blog. look at the blogs of my followers... If I impress you they will amaze you ;-D.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

MY first metal figs!!!

OK today I got my first metal figs. :-D. they were a sample Kindly sent to me from the guys at S&S models. so thankyou alot guys. I will use this moment to ask for advise on how to paint them... They aren't my first metal figs really I used to get the games Workshop LOTR models but I never got anything like these before. So I do know A few things... Base coat acryllic and then paint.

the 4 samples from strait on

from a snipers point... they are dead meat. hahahaha
OK there you go these are a sample of the S&S model range of Modern Germans and Troops with M16's and M60's. I really like them can't wait to paint them.

Monday, 20 February 2012

modern streets post6

Ok here we go 2 buildings done, sort of I will add more in soon of coarse but they are done so far as they need to be. (for me to be happy with them). So here we go then.
after his failed attack on the town the cat went home and his brother licked his wounds...

this gave the citizens time to build. Here is the water tower added earlier but now it is up and running

the streets. the shops roof is done. It's ment to be tilled with tarpoline over areas  where it is leaking. it is leaking alot :-P

the hotel has been given it's first paint and basic weathering

the sand bag wall. made from cooked playdough.

the shops and it's roof

the sand bag wall is removable

the shops roof close up to give a better look at the tiles and tarp. Also made from cooked playdough and paper-towel

the whole board from a different angle
Hope you enjoy this update. once more I have found support in the locals of Waiuku. maybe progress will speed up :-D

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

modern streets post5

Ok project update I am putting in the next building now.

the new building a hotel or shop. It has some battle damage

the buildings so far

shot of the corner af the street and hotel

the battle damage... a large whole blown in the wall.

and if you were ever wondering what type of glue I was using
There you go an update to bring you up to speed. there is a bar going to go in on the opposite side of the road from the hotel and small shops and an alley way next to it.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Karri .C. the beast slayer?

Ok here is a funny post for once. Karri .C. may be a good Terrorist but her beast slaying skills, well....

we have recieved reports of a giant gurilla attacking the city. Look one brave citicen has gone to attack the... Oh dear... I hope she has insurance

Now A giant cat attackes... The Woman has finnaly bribed the Gorilla with  bannanas and has started shooting it....and the cat...

does nothing... A very borring news flash dont you agree. I'm N. Otar. Eporter saying good bye for Gowan's news.
I would like to say that no annimals, plastic gorrilas or Karri .C. Tuf's were harmed during the making of this post. They were however board witless, forced to lift objects bigger than them or not included in their own story.