Saturday, 25 August 2012

RIP Neil Armstrong

one of the most important men in modern history has gone to join the long list of names of those who have gone before us. First man on the moon Niel Armstrong has died age 82, after some complications following heart surgery. I am sure you'll all get the details on the news but I thought I may as well pay homage.

This man perhaps is the symbol of mans exploration of space, his words are so famous that even if you knew nothing else about the Apollo moon missions you would know those words! "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind!" we are all in awe of what he did, we've all wanted to do what he did. our dream of space travel perhaps even our love of sci-fi comes from his deeds.

our world is now a different place, we have lost of our greatest men. we enter an age where a new hero must take his place, he was the symbol of our mission to the moon. perhaps someone can take up the torch he has laid down and be the next generation of space explorers.

I think a moments thought is in order, to remember this man

Friday, 24 August 2012

20 questions time

well everyone is doing it so I might as well... I have no idea what the questions are so I'll try and get them right... here we go!

1.Favourite wargame period? Historical? probably Rome, Oronegro is fiction remember folks ;-D
2.Second favourite? modern- but if we are talking non-historical it would be number1!
3.Favourite 5 films? No idea, normally it depends which one I just watched, but the Lord of the Rings movies, Pirates of the Caribbean (except no.3) and matrix would be up there.
4.Favourite TV series? Doctor who? but also depends whats on... I really like British series.
5.(are we only up to number 5 :-( ) Favourite Books and/or Authors. Tolkien!!!! read all the middle earth related books, or at least I have tried! next up not sure, depends what I feel like reading.
6.Greatest general? always arguing with mates about this, so I'll have to go with Julius Caesar!
7.Favourite Wargame Rules? Free ones I can easily alter!!!! so not sure what it is called.
8.Favourite Sport and team? Forular1- Ferrari, we got an Italian exchange student at school and now we can stand up to the red bull and maclaren fans!
9.One-time trip by time machine? wherever and whenever so long as I will not be able to screw up the universe (more than I have already)
10. (yes half way there) Last meal on Death Row? not sure. what about that poisonous fish, it would not matter any way, perhaps I can have the last laugh and prevent them from getting to kill me ;-P b
11.Fantasy relationship? look at how old I am, do you really want me to say? if so I wont or else I might have put a warning up on this blog!
12. If my life were a movie, who would play me? some random off the streets most likely it would not be an interesting movie so why invest with a good actor?
13. Favourite comic superhero? not sure, never really read comics.
14.Favourite Military Quote:
'Don't worry.  They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist---'  Maj-Gen John Sedgwick at Spotsylvania Courthouse, May 1864. I am not the only one who loves this quote!!!! also I heard he got shot in the eye! he obviously thought snails were elephants.
15. Historical destination to visit? Dichburn, when my ancestors received the land after the invasion of 1066!
16. Biggest wargaming regret? not starting really gaming yet :-(
17. Favourite fantasy job? Being a Mythbuster or a leader in Oronegro, hey it does say fantasy.
18 Favourite songs? You can tell that I am messed up when I tell you that I really don't have a favourite song, it depends totally on my mood and where I am. (also look at my profile it says whats wrong with me).
19.Favourite Wargame moment? That first game I did was one of the best and worst wargaming moments I have ever had, even on Solo play it was a totally new experience!
20. The miserable Git question, what upsets you? hmm lots of things, I would have to go with when blogger does not show the comments you make... you make them, I get the email telling me you've made them and they don't show up???? that pisses me off!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oronegrean Standard forces

another quick build! This time I have got the non-elite guys to show you. perhaps one of the most important soldiers I have painted yet, these men form the back bone of the National forces and occasionally the Rebel ones too (less common). once again a big THANKS too David and Dobromir for these figs. I have tried another Camouflage pattern which will become standard for my national troops. They are armed with M16A2's produced in the USA, which is odd for Oronegro because the large quantity Oronegrean weapon factories. they are well trained, up to the standard of the great nations themselves. But enough of that on to the pics!
Soldiers run through the streets. the night is torn by the sound of boots on concrete

the road is filled with infantry getting ready to fight for their lives

a car provides a defencive position, and soldiers line up behind

the APC is brought forwards to provide some heavy support

the helicopters spotlight moves to cover the cause of all the commotion

a couple of dancing nutters!!!!! the most dangerous foe any warrior can face!

here is an example of the new camouflage when it is painted well

I did paint him but the others are not up to this standard!
 And now for something more peaceful! the following picture is just the view out of the dinning room window. I took it this afternoon, its nice to see that spring is on the way! oh BTW when I took the dog out for a walk at 6-7pm it was pitch black, I saw lighting (did not hear the thunder) way off in the distance and in the star studded sky I saw 2 satellites, I hope they are not spy satellites because otherwise some government is wasting their time spying on me! or are they? muhahahaha
nice to see signs of spring coming!
hello to my latest follower Thomas from schmock blog , operation market garden and project Mollwitz nice to see a new face... also I hope you've been interested so far in Oronegro all my German followers! Next up on the painting list are some German peace keepers and the final lot of Ground crew, I might make a few conversions on them to get some interesting people.

one final thing... Oronegro maps... on my other blog

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

do not look for me on facebook :-P

well this is an odd post but possibly necessary. my father Gowan Bruce Ditchburn has just told me that one of you asked him whether he "was the gowan from the blog" which he is not. I do not have a facebook this blog is enough, though my sister and my friends try to convince me otherwise so please do not join them :-P

well in short if you find a gowan on facebook thats my father not me!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

SPETNAZ and an Oronegrean Euro Fighter

well this has got to be the set I have painted the fastest and well IMHO. but I guess that it is up you to decide how well I have painted it. They are armed with AK-740's and dressed in their Urban camouflage (designed for Oronegro). they are well trained and equipped and are ready to bring death to the national forces of this war torn nation. but first something funny
OK now onto my non dancing Russian men
I decided to show them all lined up on the table because there is still not enough room on the street boards for them all
the RPG's ready to take out any tanks or stray helicopters
but if jets need downing this is what you want
men guard the captain who is busy getting information from some scouts
Planning is the key to success!!!!
a view along the front lines
I decided to give many troops some individual features like this balaclava
 The Russians advance towards an unguarded airfield and take a prise one expensive jet!
at least the jet has a burglar alarm
hm seems they are fighting but who, or what is it?
snipers, RPGs and AK-740's a deadly mix of the latest Russian/ soviet kit
they are keen to fight and ready to die but how will they fare in the street fighting to come?
but they must go one and once this plane is secured the next objective must be taken!
well hope you guys like this post, next up some standard Oronegrean soldiers, German security forces, ground crew and then tanks I now have 2 challenger 2 tanks to paint. So still plenty of work to do and I have still got to get the first of the new boards done, work stopped for the Russians to be painted. Sorry for all of you who want to see more work not a lot to report from the last posts on the other blog.

have a nice day guys hope you enjoyed the Olympics! damn I lost the sweep stake in History, Gold medals per population. the German girl who chose Jamaica has beaten us all. Why did I ever choose Britain? stupid patriotism look what you've done now, I've lost a dollar.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Mt Tongariro erupts

WOW my love of geology has  been excited this morning with the news on the radio that this mountain down south of me, Mt Tongariro has erupted. Its only a small eruption which is good, and there is currently no sign that anyone has been hurt. The last time it erupted was in 1897 and so this one is quite exciting. the defence force has advised that nobody go sightseeing (damn, I needed an excuse to get a gas mask) and a no flight zone is in place. this is certainly exciting and I hope that nobody is hurt and that it remains that way!

more news later, I am not in any danger here. The only volcanoes I need to worry about are Auckland to the north which could spread ash down here and Taupo which is a super volcano, which is near Mt Tongariro, but if Taupo goes you'll all hear about it, if not have to worry about it!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

something for my sister.

OK guys those of you with little sisters don't need me to tell you on some occasions that they can really be annoying. But we love them anyway and when my little sister came to me and asked me for help on some homework I was more than willing to help. Unfortunately it needed to be in today and I had on;y last night to do it.... what was it, well my sister had to make a little shoe box diorama from her favourite book. And as she had just read the hunger games, she wanted to me to make her a scene.... the only problem was time and because I could not go to a huge length to prime, base coat, first coat, detail and glue on, I was forced to use my robin hood figures that were not primed. I decided to improvise and added PVA whenever I could to make the paint hold. it was then a matter of adding scenery and putting it in the shoe box, my sister had painted the background a week ago! so here we go... I have forgotten the scene. don't tell my sister!
the glue was still very much wet this morning when the photos were taken!

A look inside, can you see the background my sister painted

hope you can make out the figs in this shot

the girl who is the main character runs to the rescue

her Friend or sisters assailant lies shot dead

while a young girl lies pinned by a spear

zoom out and get a better perspective

I like this angle
 well that was the model my sister and I made. I hope you enjoyed this little story. really unusual and wish Abbi luck as apparently these models are going to get judged. and I know I should have primed the figs but time was not on my side, and I was tired as an olympic athlete after a long race.
BTW go to my projects blog to get a good look at the latest work on some new figs... the russians
bye guys and good luck to the Olympic athletes.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

the forces of Oronegro together

Nothing new today, however I have found my old Euro fighter-Typhoon die cast which I have proceeded to repaint, more on that soon. However today I think that I'll show you the mighty armies of Oronegro's rebels and nationals. it's the first time I've done this and it's a cool thing to see, the previous months work all lines up in battle array
no vehicles here but the gun is included

the Rebel citizens. can you spot fixed and Bean Castrae Ted

Karri.C.Tuf and her hoodlums

El Guardia Azul they look good in blue

the rebel soldiers themselves, I need more of them. can you spot the rebel NBC guy

Oronegro's more Elite infantry ready for Battle

the small native unit, in comparison they are small compared to the others as well but no matter. more realistic

Los Angeles Negro's the best of the best ready to do their worst

The NBC troopers and the cops stand by the gun

and finally the Germans call up the rear of my forces count
There we go guys. I guess I need more rebels, good thing the Spetnaz are next!. then the standard Oronegrean soldiers, more germans and a few more Ground grew to add to the mix. and then of coarse I have the Challenger2 to build. Also I am looking to aquire some prepainted helicopters for 15 pounds each. then I think I shall look to getting some more russians and rebel soldiers. anyone who want to trade some figs I am more than willing to see what I can give to you!