Friday, 28 June 2013

Strange goings on in town!

Well for those of us in little old Waiuku we all knew it would make it onto TV but never when. But last night the White Horse of Waiuku stared on TV.... here he is sorry for the quality as its the only clip from the show on YouTube. 
meet Charlie! actually I only found out its name last night. when watching the program

Now for some reason I can't actually get the video to work on blogger. but no worries. Now we don't know the person who owns Charlie but we do know a few people in this clip.
yes welcome to Waiuku P.S sign in in Km/h for all you non-metric people

The School is Sandspit Rd school.... I went to View Rd school. Charlie is currently hanging from the Kentish Hotel holding a sign (white building in clip). and yes he has brought great fun to trips out of town.... with us constantly on the look out for him! Once he even turned up outside our house across the road ontop of the bus stop! that was very funny, going outside to walk the dog in the morning and looking straight across at a horse.
found a photo of that actually. I didn't take this but one of Charlie  followers did

Thursday, 20 June 2013

RIP a most beloved pet and I am in the paper again (still good news) post 150!

Well this is post 150! a big landmark but perhaps its not what I hoped I'd be posting.

Well this post is going to be a sad one I am afraid. our most beloved pet Rabbit simply named Bun Bun has passed away. 8 years old she was the first pet we got when we came to New Zealand and therefore has a special place in our family. its sad when a pet passes away and it is hard to make that choice to put them down, but it was the best thing for her. she had been limping badly and there was a nasty lump under her chin although female rabbits do occasionally have a large lump under their chin Bun Bun already had one and this lump signalled something more serious. therefore the decision was made with much sadness to put her to sleep so she would not suffer living on in a deteriorating state.
how she was, this taken shortly before My trip to Argentina... early days in my blogging history
 So after school today it was my job to dig the grave for her. we placed her in her little box into the ground and said out good byes. I took a photo, a final picture before the earth covered her up. here is her little box. sweet I think, simple also but it doesn't have to be complex. Bun Bun herself was not a complicated character. she had her moments when she was young several escape attempts, confusing the cats when she decided to go up to them instead of them chasing her, when she was older she looked after the guinea pigs (which went to a friends house as my mum was allergic to them) treating them as her own children. and in her old age she was allowed to wander out and about as there was no need to worry about her doing a runner any more.
goodbye Bun Bun
well there we are. not much really to say but goodbye... but as usual life must go on and happiness must be found....

and once more I am in the papers!

... so now I shall tell a nice story to lighten the mood. This is one of success against adversity and a bunch of simple college kids showing themselves better than some intelligent egg heads from private schools!!!

Team wins Tractor pull without raising a sweat click on the page to make it bigger so you can read it!

First order of business! We're year 13 students and I am mentioned by my middle name. apart from that points for who ever guesses who I am ;-) Also yes the college carriers expo is about our school... that's already happened as you can see, the NZ defence force turned up late! and one of our guys almost got run over while trying to organise parking, some people seem not to care what they are being asked to do.

school ball this weekend also big occasion perhaps pics to be seen on the schools website after the event... not sure.

Anyway have a good day/night if your down here in NZ try to keep warm (I still have to walk the dog and there's hail showers, it's freezing and its pretty dark out there. oh well better wrap up as much as I can then... oh was that thunder hmm maybe not!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

on the front page of the local paper :-D

Not just me! No I didn't kill anyone! except a few weeds. take a look. Students efforts tidy up community. That's the one to read. for those of you who want to know where I am in the photo here's a clue... in the middle standing up.
This is the area we cleared up... there is a reason you can't see the hill to the left in this photo, it was pretty ugly
In the photo we are arranged around one of the large piles of weeds we made, there was a second larger one and some full bags of weeds we pulled out. there was also quite a bit of rubbish from decades of people just dumping stuff there.
what you won't read about it one of us (not going to name and shame) hit a pipe (whoops) small one fortunately, luckily it was turned off at one of the walls on the buildings near by. Nearly the whole Prefect team was involved in this. As well as two German exchange students, these girls were just walking past and decided to muck in. I found loads of Skinks (little lizards) which one of the German girls found really cute, she ended up with a skink on her hand for quite a while. Anyway we cleared the hill of ivy and weeds, revealing the bare earth beneath and years of rubbish, including a really old coke bottle, the front (minus the door) or a fire place, a radiator and some really old light bulbs.
this is what a skink looks like

Anyway we are planning to go back and re-plant the hillside at a later date! so this is a bit of a work in progress. Fun parts of the day were sliding down the hill pulling the ivy down (quite effective) low points were the looks we got from passers by, who must have thought we were on community service.

Oh well have a nice day/night everyone and if your ever in this part of the world come visit Waiuku and marvel at the hillside we cleaned up... oh yes and visit.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

model x extravaganza 2013 or...

... where I went instead of Arnhem. Well for some of you today (Sunday 3rd) you went to FIGZ but for me I went to West wave, Henderson. I have been there before Many years ago. I bought my first Train set then, and today I did buy some stuff which I'll get to at the end...
Pete (man with glasses looking very interested) kindly invited us along.
 Well I didn't know this was on until Friday night when I got a call from Pete who lives down the road. He makes models as well but not as many as I do (those his are far better). Anyway he invited my father and I to come along with him and his little daughter (she got more than me :-D... most importantly of all a Aston Martin DB5 model) to the Model X extravaganza! Naturally I said yes! and although his nephew who is one of my friends did not come due to have cold induced sea lion barking impression syndrome. we had a good time.

One thing to note though was the distinct lack of traders :-( lots of second hand stuff being sold by a couple of traders but then not much and mostly Aircraft and mostly the same aircraft. Toy World was selling their stock there but apart from Airfix that there wasn't much. and the second hand guys mostly sold old aircraft kits... good prices but NO figures... Toy World had some but they were the usual Airfix WW2 stuff I did see a few tank kits but very few in 1/72... I did pass up an Abrahms from Hasegawa so there was at least some. anyway still lots to see as it was also a craft show, some cool steam punk stuff also. (my dad almost bought some doctor who stuff, but shhh I didn't tell you that)

FORMULA 1 cars! Where is the Ferrari? bugger they don't have the right selection of cars.... DID YOU KNOW I HAVE SAT IN MICHAEL SCHUMACHER F1 CAR??? well I did a long, long time ago. it was a Ferrari, therefore the right type of F1 car.
 Now we get some Large ships of various scales! sorry that I cannot identify them all for you. but F 421 in the second picture is the Canterbury and judging from the size of the helicopter and the figs on it we think its 1/72 :-D

spot the Bismark! the tower up the top is to be found out in the Waitamata harbour in Auckland.

various scales but we are almost certain the Canterbury here is 1/72 perhaps the one below but not quite sure

more ships... can you spot the inaccurate Apache (or Comanche I cannot quite tell) on one of the ships there?

More ships! some very nice models but not really useful for my wargaming... unless I did a beach-landing and we had a naval battle
 Now comes several pictures of train sets... one N scale the type I have... not that I play with it anymore :-( sadly the transformer/controller for mine is broken and the price of getting a new one is large... why I changed hobby really.

This is the sort of thing I would have done... bit of sadness but hey if I did this there would be no Oronegro!

anyway perhaps I can sell off some of those trains or something their a bit sad in their current packed away state.

OO or 1/76 compatible with my models but for large layouts N scale is better (but costs so much more)

I like this one. small but detailed

very similar, but different... not much to comment about... not my area of expertise
 Corgi stuff! all display stuff though, :-( a few of those would be great for Oronegro, have a fire truck or something. Oh well I have already complained about the amount of traders so I'll not start that rant again

cool! is there any other way to describe this?

its all very nice and all but where's the rust and missing paint? these poor things haven't been loved to death.
AND NOW WHAT I GOT :-D well this pretty much sums up what was available... something From Airfix and something second hand! My look was relatively small. Pete's daughter got a few (one of which I wish I had got one of as well) and my dad didn't get anything though he was tempted. SO what did I get...

Airfix and something that claimed to be made in Poland yet the spur said made in USSR.
A new Airfix 1/76 scale T34/85 MEDIUM TANK (exactly how they wrote it on the box see) which will be for my rebel forces. I love the T-34 so its no surprise I got it... there was a T-55 in 1/35 which made me sad and a Lynx with soldiers (Afghanistan) for 1/48 which made me also sad. BUT I did get a second hand Lynx! which can be made into an army or navy version. this is not the modern version though and its missing one piece... which is half the nose cone for the Army version (I might make it army anyway and use the other nose though) NOW here is an odd thing. when I look at the box its got Polish writing on it, the bag with the spurs in has a sticker that says made in Poland... the Spurs say made in USSR (which along with the small pictures for painting showing patters for the lynx in 1973 and 1975) date this kit quite a bit BUT its a Lynx, the worlds fastest helicopter, a British helicopter, and a classic so I am happy.

The lynx also came with a strange container inside, I thought perhaps it contained the missing bit but after getting it open it had some strange plastic thing? anyway looks a bit suspect so I think thats going in the bin... keeping the kit of-course.

Have a good time guys! Looks like there is another event in September I never heard of also so I may go to that. if anyone was wondering I have had a lot of school work and distractions recently so model work is at an all time low.

Finally we come to a new Follower :-) welcome to Nick Johnson from somewhere? I cannot find your blog I am afraid. anyway Welcome to the blog.

have a good queens birthday off all you guys in New Zealand and I hope you all have a good time wherever you are in the world this coming week!