Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Elves, guards and maiden

More fantasy figures although this time something a little more human. These elves come from the Caesar Miniatures set and as with the previous figures were purchased to play D&D with. These however were purchased at a different time along with a bunch of other fantasy sets so keep your eyes out for more wierd and wonderful things. These elves have been painted in a dark blue and grey colour scheme, I like to think of them as some form of guards wearing blue as opposed to other elves who would be more dressed for camouflage. I hope you enjoy.

Protecting the maiden as the makes the dangerous trip across this strange wooden plain.

Unfortunately I don't have access to fine thread for the bowstrings

The elves have an engraved pattern on their quivers. I was unable to make it out though so all the patterns are imrovised.

This guy is the only one with his hood up and perhaps he is shy?

Once again, no clue what that pattern was.

Something rather annoying about this figure is that the two ends of the bow are shaped differently. Something I could not correct.

The dark hair came out much better in the photo than I had expected.

This man has a sword out but no obvious scabard. I really should have added one in retrospect.

The dirt effect I did on these figures was a combination of dabbing paint on unevenly as well as a drybrush. I am quite pleased how it stands out against the dark blue.

Finally the maiden, I find her clothes too simple to be of a princess, I am already converting some of her sisters in the set, one into a warrior another will be more spendidly dressed.

Time to talk hair, this silvery white hair was very frustrating to achieve and it took be several attempts to finally get something I was happy with.
Well that is all for today. I also completed another fig today as part of a different group which may get some love in this blog in the near future depending of his counterparts are also finished. Will probably be a little while before the next post though due both to upcoming work (Fat Freddies Drop concert) and the fact that I don't have a nice group of models all close to completion. Still slowly chipping away at those Oronegrean figs, I promise I will post them one day. But until next time I wish you all a good day/night!

Monday, 14 January 2019

Little Demons (D&D Gargoyels)

More fantasy figs, these were bought at the same time as the mind flayers and both with the intention of being played with as part of the D&D campaign with friends. While the set was labelled gargoyels I felt that they were a little too large to be animated gargoyels from a 1/72 building so I painted them us as little demons instead. I hope you like them.
Steel vs claw, brute instinct vs skill, will this adventurer survive his encounter with the demons?

Originally I had painted the horns gold but at the last minute I decided on a more traditional bone look.

To create the contast in tone I used several reds. While later corretions have actually taken away from the original effect the contrast does remain.

As with the mind flayers despite being pre-primed some areas suffered from paint chipping or rubbing off particularly the tails

Some vert off effects going on with the lighting as the back appears almost black. This might have to do with one of the reds I used in particular which is more reflective than the others.

The second one is in a very symetrical pose, almost as if it wanted its picture taken

I used yellow oxide paint to do the teeth. After all I doubt demons brush.

I am very glad that I switched to the whiter horns as they stand out much more against the red bodies

I had wondered about giving these guys more fancy bases but I feel the simple grey works quite well and fits in with the rocky bases the figures are on.

One more close up from the front.

Once again I hope you enjoy these little figures. Next up will most likely be some elves despite the fact that I had told myself to get some series 5 (mid 19th century to early 20th century) Oronegrean infantry complete. Ah well whater I complete next I will complete next. I hope you all have a good day/night wherever you are.

Friday, 11 January 2019

M...m..m...Monsters! (Dungeons and Dragons Mind Flayers)

What's this another post within the same year? Same month? Indeed same week? What sourcery is this? What sourcery indeed. Well perhaps these, ahem, fine fellows have something to do with it. These are some Mind Flayers for Dungeons and Dragons. Can't remember the manufacturer but they came pre-primed which was nice. I bought them for the D&D campaign that I was playing with friends. That campaign is long since complete but I have only just finished these two. It is also, in a sense coming full circle with this blog. My first post included some monsterous cloaked figure. Now here are two more, how terrifying they are too.
Sometimes the burried treasure really isn't worth the risk to get it.

*shivers* It is almost like he's trying to cast a spell on me through the image.

That's better, feel more secure now... wait what was that sound.

This was also a good opportunity to really experiment with some more out there colours. I am quite happy with the results.

The blood on the blades was a last minute addition but one I think works well.

Certainly don't want to meet this fine chap in a confined space. *gulp*
Well that is all for today. I hope you enjoy these figures. They are something rather different, and bigger than usual. I now must rush off to work but I hope the rest of you can have a rather more relaxed time. Have a good day/night!

Ninja! Or some early los angeles negros.

So it has been quite a while since I last posted. But for once I have something to show. My models have now moved up with me to Auckland. A bit awkward having my painting set up, laptop and piles of books and over stuff all crammed onto the one desk but is better than having the perfect set up in another town. These are the first fruits of my new set up some ninja from the Caesar Japanese samurai with ninja set. But as with all things I have found a way to fit them into my oronegrean story. ::)
I thought doing a shot outside would be a good idea... Wasn't prepared for the mosquito swarm. Unfortunately I don't have the reflexes of a ninja and the little blood suckers escaped my vengful hands

I added bits of colour to their clothing, not particularly realistic but I felt they looked a tad boring otherwise

For those wondering how these fit into Oronegro, I will use them as early members of los angeles negros.

For the close up shots I relocated away from the mosquito menace

This figure was completed well before the others, finally his friends (all completed today) can join him

This pose is one of the mid-air poses, given I don't know how to make things levitate making it appear the figure was jumping off a roof was the best I could do.

This angle gives a better perspective of the roof itself. Unfortunately I was unable to fix the bent swords on the figures. Something about the soft Caesar plastic makes it hard to fix bends.
Well that's all for today. I have some work coming up this weekend (I work cleaning up rubbish at events - in this case the Mumford and Sons concert) so it may be a bit before my next post. I am working on a few things, including some fantasy figures.

For those curious I now also have a facebook profile so feel free to add me on there and sent constant reminders to paint the little ones.

Hope you all have a good day/night. ::)

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

D&D Painting Session

Here's a few miniatures that I, my fellow adventures and our dungeon master painted yesterday before our game. The two on the ends are my work order are the models of Jules (our dungeon master), Jaime (who only had two hours sleep) and Grant (who put way too much red paint on his palate and had to use it somehow).

This was for them their first time painting 1/72 scale miniatures or just the first time painting miniatures at all. Which is why I bring special attention to Jules' figure. This is a first time job, almost complete I am amazed. My first models were nowhere near as well painted!

Friday, 2 February 2018

Trials, Tribulations and Long Commutes

So a new year has begun and once again I am making a post about my continued existence. Last year I thought that I would get many things done that living at home would include much free time in which to paint miniatures. Sadly this was not the case. After the garage finally becoming a garage and much of my own stuff being moved around and "tidied" I found much of my model equipment in a mess and many of my models damaged. This was disheartening and due to this I could not bring myself to paint anything. This combined with other pursuits meant that my models were collecting dust... or being at risk due to people playing darts in the garage. Then there was my commute to university. A two hour trip there and another two hours back everyday. By the time I got home there simply wasn't enough time to pursue hobbies.

This year may be different. This year I have a very good reason to pursue this hobby. You see I have started playing Dungeons and Dragons. I am having a good time and perhaps I will post here about it. Anyway, after our first game our DM asked us to bring some counters to use. I offered to bring some of my models up and it turns out they were a hit!

I have ordered some fantasy figures now for our game and my fellow adventurers are quite keen to get involved in painting them. So it would seem that I am indeed back in action.

Oh and last year I also joined Facebook. So you can now add me on there and see what I am getting up to and drop some (not so) subtle reminders about needing to work on the little ones. Anyway here is to a new year and new adventures!

Thursday, 26 January 2017

FIVE YEARS OF ORONEGRO! Anniversary post

It was on this day 5 years ago that I did this post about my return from Argentina. This trip was the catalyst for me to start my own project and create my own little imagi-nation in Latin America. Little did I know then how big this project would become but Oronegro, as this nation came to be called, has defined all of modelling endeavours ever since. So today we celebrate five years of the Oronegro project! Sadly I can't do a grand review as some of the models have been damaged. So instead I shall start with a look at the forces of Oronegro through time. From those first arrivals on the sea of an unknown land in 1492 until the armed forces that took part in the second civil war of the 2020s. There is more below...

Oronegro through history! Or mostly a range of Caesar figures with some Airfix, Imex and others thrown in.
 Here is the progression of the 'standard' Oronegrean infantry soldier. Note that the intermediary uniforms are not included and that some uniforms are not fully representative of the infantry at that point in time. (Mainly because I just don't have enough figures for every single variant over 6-7 centuries.) Also weaponary changed vastly over the period but these changes are also not shown.

And let's not forget the evolution of another troop type: Los Angeles Negros!
 Sadly I can't do every single Oronegrean military unit through history. But there is one that I simply must have represented: Los Angeles Negros - the Black Angels! Currently I can only represent a portion of their history and uniform (because they often wore whatever was most appropriate for a particular action). Here the origin of the unit, which was based off and initially trained by Japanese Ninja and some indigenous hunters, and the elite killer of the 21st century stand side by side. Don't piss them off.

From the early years of the 15th and 16th century to the hight of power in the 18th and 19th
 The first soldiers in Oronegro were mostly armed with swords, crossbows and a few guns (1st on left). As time went on through the 16th and into the 17th century the gun became the main weapon of war in Oronegro. Unlike elsewhere Oronegro retained armoured troops meaning that they looked very outdated to many eyes (2nd from left). However at the end of the 17th century uniforms began to change. This led to the development of a new uniform more familiar to travellers from Europe (3rd from left). This design retained the helmet, a feature of Oronegrean troops that was retained in some numbers from the inception of Oronegro until the present day.

from the 19th century to the early 20th are represented here. This era saw the 1st civil war and Oronegro's decline
The crested helmet (1st figure on left) and blue uniform was standard until the first decades of the 19th century will little variation from the start of the 18th century. However, as time went on a new design (2nd from left) was to take over. This design came from the units of el ejército segundo where it was introduced in the late 18th century. It replaced the previous design in all but a few 'guardia' - guard units. It was soldiers in this costume (and the previous one in guard units) that took part in the 2st Oronegrean civil war in the mid-19th century and faced off against soldiers uniformed in a new design (3rd from left). This design, much like the crested one, would remain in use for a very long period of time lasting until the 1920s.

the 20th and 21st centuries saw Oronegro's power return slowly but then the 2nd civil war began!
During and After WW2 Oronegrean uniforms design was influenced by that of NAZI Germany (1st figure on left). These uniforms were inherited first by the national guard and then later by the native units who used them into the 2020s. Next is a bit of an oddity. The second figure on the left is representative of the 'official' uniform from the 60s to early 80s. In reality most units had uniforms based of US kit with only a couple of units being in the official kit.  The next figure shows how the Oronegreans began to catch up with other places militarily towards the end of the 20th century. This uniform (which usually included a helmet)  became very common amongst the rebel units in the civil war of the 2020s. The final figure shows the uniform that became standard towards the end of the 2010s and was worn during the 2nd Oronegrean civil war.

And there we go. How Oronegro's soldiers changed over time from the beginning until the 2nd civil war. But wait there's more!


 To celebrate 5 years of Oronegro I have come up with a competition in which you, yes you, can help shape part of Oronegro. The competition is to create a character (or characters if you prefer) who play a role in Oronegrean history. They don't have to be the great and powerful, they could be a humble farmer. They don't have to be from Oronegro, they could be from overseas. Or alternatively they could be from Oronegro but make a name for them-self elsewhere. It is all up to you.
The winner will have their character's biography posted on both the Oronegro blog and here. Plus they will receive a miniature of their character (if you make more than one I will give the one of your choice) and probably other things that can fit in the envelope I send the figure off in. (I will also create a second figure for them so they can continue their adventures here in Oronegro)
The runners up will have their characters biography posted. In addition a character will be painted up to represent them, but they will stay here so they can have more adventures in Oronegro.
Winners will be announced later on. I will announce the closing dates of the competition with at least 1 month warning later as well (This will be based on how many entries come in and at what speed.) Furthermore the number of runners up is also random and will include whatever stories I really enjoy (could be all of them knowing me.)

So put on your creative hats and give it a go! Submit your entries to: gjditchburn@gmail.com I look forwards to reading what you come up with.

Here is to the last 5 years of Oronegro! And to all those to come! Have an excellent day/night everyone.

¡Viva Oronegro!