Monday, 22 February 2016

Some exciting stuff. Lantern Festival and Scavenger Hunt

Well in a long tradition of posting some interesting things that I have been up to here are some pics of what I have been up to. First up the lantern festival. This took place in the Auckland domain this year and is a celebration of Chinese new year. It runs for several nights with fireworks on the final night. Sadly I didn't take to many photos as the crows were huge. The domain isn't small by any stretch of the imagination but the area with the lanterns was so packed that moving around was incredibly difficult let alone staying in a good spot to take pictures. I did get a few of the fireworks too although once again the spot wasn't the best.

[I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU RIGHT CLICK AND VIEW IMAGE AS THEY ARE BEST ENJOYED THAT WAY] especially the fireworks which should be zoomed in on.

Next up is the Scavenger hunt I went on. This is one of those silly activities you do at the start of the year at university accommodation where you generally make as much of a fool of yourself as possible. This year our team, Mercedes AGM (for our initials) won the competition which generally indicates that yes we were the biggest fools. These are some of the silly things we did or had to find around town.

Funniest thing on the Thai restaurant's menu - Check.

Chilling out in the university quad - Check

Selfie with the ducks - Check

Whatever this is supposed to be - Check.
Well that's about it guys. Hope you enjoy this post. I'm going tramping this weekend in the bush so hopefully I'll have another little adventure to share with you soon. Oh and yes figures are on the way.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Small Vessel - El Andrés and news

Hello everybody and welcome to this, my first post, from my new student flat. That is right I am back up in Auckland and getting ready for another year of study. But fear not unlike previous years I have not abandoned the little ones back at my parents place to collect dust nay I have brought them with me to paint and, of course, to show to you all.

All my boats so far this year. Coming up will be figures.

So my friends what has Gowan got for you today... well another boat. And returning to a tradition of mine this is named for a distant cousin of mine. Andrew which in Spanish is Andrés. Unlike my previous ones this is not designed specifically to fit a role but a more general category of small craft.

This is the only little boat I have with a square sail and a gaff sail. as seen below.

The gaff sail took quite a bit of work to do. You may notice an imperfection in the stitching on the boom. Somehow I managed to thread the thread back through the thread.

Got to work on getting less of the surroundings and more of the model in the picture.

Our handy little, former robin hood, figure stands in once to provide scale. The roof is removable to allow better figure placement.

And what is any vessel without a name? I think I'm slowly getting the hang of writing with a paint brush.
Well now I just want to cover a few things. While I am up here in Auckland there really isn't enough time or space for me to work on any of my projects just figures. This means that work on El San Francisco and the other two small vessels is on hold until I return to my parents house during one of the holidays.
Now for something a little different someone or some people have been commenting asking for me to paint more moderns and I just want to put your mind at ease on this issue. Firstly I will paint moderns again this is certain. Second although I have not brought any with me I do have loads that are in various stages of completion. Part of the reason I haven't brought them is that many of them were left out in the hot and humid conditions of the garage and as such weird things happened to the paint. Third I also have many many figures that I haven't even prepared yet. We're talking rebel fighters, militia, more Oronegrean soldiers, special forces, Russians, mercenaries and more. Not to mention a selection of kits to make. I will be working on these again. Now I do try to please my viewers but ultimately what I paint is what I want to paint. Look where this blog started, the very first post was of medieval fantasy. Will I return to this subject, maybe. But since creating the world of Oronegro I have found that I want to bring this creation of mine to life. Oronegro is here to stay whether it's modern wars or early history I don't think I'll be abandoning my creation any time soon.

So on that note, a wonderful day/night to you all. let us all enjoy our little hobby where we turn little pieces of plastic, metal, resin and more into a miniature representation of life whether fictional or historical.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Conquistador and Mantis

Well hello everyone today I have something rather different for you. A preview of sorts today I will show you the first of my new figures. If you saw this post on my projects and crazy ideas blog you'll know that I recently bought quite a few figures recently and now all but one of the sets have arrived. But last night I had a rather interesting guest in my room who I didn't quite expect to be there. So on with the pictures.

The conquistadors play two roles in the story of Oronegro, first and most predictably they play the role of the early soldiers and knights that made up the first forces of Oronegro. But they also play a role in it's later history. Oronegro because of wars with natives and the tendency for battles to dissolve in melee combat armoured units were retained for use in situations where the protection they offered was of value. (I know it's silly but I like these guys)

A fine warrior, well armed and armoured, fine addition to my forces

He's painted up in Oronegrean colours of yellow and blue with red instead of pink.

a few of his amigos are also on my workbench right now but it's a bit of a mess with plenty being worked on.

And here is the guest in my room last night. Praying Mantis' are quite common at this time of year and we used to getting smaller ones inside but last night a rather bigger one came in much to my surprise.

Well that's all folks hope you enjoy this post and I'll try and get some more figures out before I go back to university although this time I'll be taking my paint and prepared figures with me. Maybe I can get a boat or two done before that point. Anyway good day/night to you all :-D

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Oronegrean Artillery, and more

Oh my do I have a treat for you today. Not one but three things to display. The main focus of this post will be on the Oronegrean artillery but today was a better painting day than expected and I have managed to complete not only the artillery guys but my Bullfighter conversion and one of my militia men. I' also tried taking photos in the kitchen in hope of finding a good background, I'll let you be the judge (I can't find the black items I used before to good effect). I hope you like them. And please leave comments ;-D
All together now!
Let's start with the Artillery. These guys are re-purposed Airfix's Waterloo British Artillery. They are painted in the colours of Oronegro's armed forces, namely: Dark blue, white, yellow and pink (other colours are less common). There is a limber and others to paint but for now these guys will do for being a functional unit on the field.
The crew prepare to fire as the enemy closes in!

Ready, aim, FIRE!!!!!!

The detailing on the chests was one of the most annoying things to paint in quite some time

The guy needs something for that ramrod perhaps a pill of some kind.

The guy with the spear is meant to help protect the guns from cavalry charges they had no fixed numbers but were quite common.

I used a different way of doing the crests. Instead of 1001 coats of warm yellow a few coats of cool yellow followed by warm yellow has produced a nice and consistent crest colour

This guy is my mounted officer and the first cavalry fig since I did a modern cavalryman years ago.

I'm still working on getting the colours for horses right. Thankfully I downloaded a colour chart which should help.

And the gun itself. This gun is an Oronegrean 9 pounder. Although designs varied.
 Next up is my little bull fighter. A rather colourful character. The front of his tunic (worn for effect) has a large red stripe down the centre with blue dots either side while his back has three stripes of blue and red. Bullfighting is common in Oronegro, but it follows the style played in other parts of Latin America where the bull is not harmed in the fight rather the bull fighter tries to get the bull to charge it dodging at the last moment in hopefully spectacular fashion. I'll do a post about Bull Fighting in Oronegro on the Oronegro Blog at some point in the future

Toro! Toro! The figure is a converted Airfix Robin Hood figure. while the cape is made of paper, tinfoil and wire for the handle.

Bull fighting takes a lot of skill, nerves and quick relfexes.
Finally we come to yet another Oronegrean militia figure. This guys wearing a stylish black coat with a nice brimmed hat to keep cool. Nothing special but a nice addition to my irregular forces and a potential pirate or bandit also.

Black isn't the best choice when the sun is shinning out on the Oronegrean pampas. But when it rains a coat like this is much appreciated.

And this picture concludes this post.
 Well that's all folks. I've got a few militia on the way and some assorted figures and I've just primed up some uniformed Oronegrean militia and some foes for them to face. And of course there are boats under-way so expect more to come in the next few weeks. :-D

Hope you all have a good day/night!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

A bit of fun - Cat Attack!!!!!!

"Captain large ginger cat on the port side" calls the lookout.
The captain sees the beast and makes a hard turn to starboard. To their horror the crew realise that they have no cannon and the beast has taken an interest in these little people.  The Pirates grab their weapons and anything close to hand. Some grab muskets but the bullets don't seem to bother the huge animal.

One giant fierce beasty that is. Can the pirates scare it off or will they be cat food?
 Realising their peril the Crew grab spears and harpoons to fend of the monster. But fortunately for them the cat is easily distracted and is soon consumed by the fluttering of the sails. The crew organise and prepare to defend the ship...
The Giant cat suddenly focuses on something else
... But just then a giant fish leaps from the sea on the starboard side and the cat leaps clean over the ship and dives after it. The captain and the crew of the Abigail sail away as fast as they can to escape. Once they reach port they go around telling their tail of the great ginger beast. Although many think it is nonsense a few hardened sea farers talk in dark tones about the cat of the feline sea.

just a bit of fun hope you enjoy it. I'm working away at some boats and some Oronegrean artillery crew. so there is more to look forwards to in the coming days.