Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The skeleton monster I found on the street

So today I have a little something that didn't take too long to paint, nor was it particularly difficult. Perhaps it would be fair to say that this model was in now way exceptional or even particularly interesting. However, even if the model itself isn't too unusual the story of how I acquired it is. You see, as the title of this post suggests I found this on the side of the road. The story of which I shall reveal bellow.

Taken outside on the balcony again. Caught the last of the sunlight, need to keep in mind the shortening days
So how did I find this little guy? Well I was out walking with a friend one evening and there in the corner of my vision I notice something on the ground. Now after working in litter picking for a while I have developed quite the ability to spot random objects on the ground so noticing this model wasn't too difficult. I quickly picked it up and put it in my pocket. Later when I got home I noticed that it actually worked quite well size wise with 1/72 miniatures. However, I still have no idea what it is, who makes them or why it came to be by the side of the road? If anyone has any clues as to what this may be please let me know. Anyway here are some more pictures.

I wasn't sure what I wanted for the base at first. In the end I decided to go for this patchy effect to give the earth itself a kind of undead look

Where this guy lives I am not sure yet. Perhaps some strange cemetery? Maybe an ancient temple. Hard to say really.

A figure for scale. Decided that this man and his crucifix would be appropriate facing a this unholy creature.

Then again perhaps this creature is merely misunderstood and in need of a guy. Probably a good meal too.
So there you have it my fun little find and the story to go with it. Still trying to guess what this is meant to be. It reminds me of some dinosaurs but I can't place it. Also makes me think of dogs, perhaps it was once the pet of some ancient king who is back to protect the resting place of his master? Perhaps he can be multiple things.

Anyway that is all for now. Working away slowly at various things. Unlikely to have anything to show you for the near future at least. Of course I also have all those new models to contend with too. Perhaps a few shall be fast tracked into painting for some personalities.
Yet until next time I wish you all a good day/night. ::)

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Extra Special Delivery

Well today I got a rather large package arrive in the mail it is a collection years in the making and I am excited to finally open it up at last. It was sent to me by my good friend Michael Koopman in the Netherlands. The package is an eclectic mix of things I bought for myself and sent to him to save on shipping; things he has kindly bought for me; and some second hand things he has passed on to me. Indeed a huge thank you is in order for Michael for sending me all these wonderful things as well as the few surprises included in the box. It as if Christmas has come in May five times at once. What a wonderful thing to get in the mail.

All the goodies laid out on my bed. So many things sure to keep me going to years to come.

First up is a look at all the various paints Michael sent me. Up until now I have mostly relied on cheap artist acrylic this is a significant step up from that.

Michael kindly sent me this old kit. I absolutely love the Mosquito so I has overjoyed when he asked me if I would like this one.

So some surprise Fimo and liquid Green Stuff, excellent for my sculpting projects. In addition a face painting set which I needed for sure, those cheap artist paints just don't work as well.

More green stuff but now we get into the figures I bought for myself. Some Spanish Guerrillas a versatile set with some interesting figures and some Napoleonic British Rocket Troops who of course are to be Oronegrean Rocket Troops.

These two big boxes contain two full sets within an excellent deal and are perfect for creating the generic 18th century troops I need so that my Oronegrean soldiers have someone to face or serve as mercenaries alongside.

Finally some WW2 British Paratroopers. Much of the paint is specifically so I can paint these up properly. I hope I do them justice.
Well that is all for now. I am sorry I haven't gotten many minis out recently. Stayed down with my family for a week between work so I didn't have much time. Also ongoing financial woes do not particularly help. Still the models are there on my desk all I need do is grab up my brush at every opportunity. Or grasp up my sculpting tools and I have just started another sculpting project which will hopefully be done in a few months time.

However do expect a post from me in the very near future. Something all together more terrifying, but which also will include an interesting story to tell.
Until then I wish you all a good day/night.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Sculpted figure: General Atena Minervista

Hi everyone today I present to you something of a labour of love of mine. I have been working on this figure on and off for the past few months now but now I can finally present to you the figure that I sculpted and have now painted. For those interested in the biography of the character refer to this post on the Oronegro blog. The model is the third that I have sculpted, although given that it has been several years since my previous efforts this is essentially a first effort. There are certainly areas where I can improve, notably the sculpting of faces and on the detail of clothing. The figure was sculpted from an white metal armature rather than from wire which meant that the correct body proportions were already established. Still it was quite enjoyable to sculpt and very satisfying to paint. I hope you enjoy her too.

As a Minervista she originated in the unit that I covered in my last post.

the scabbard sadly broke and had to be repaired. However, despite being made from strengthened card (used super glue) I think it looks quite good.

Also for those wondering these photos were taken on our balcony. Making the most of the natural light which my camera prefers for sure.

The hair took quite a while to get, based it on a friend. She is the one who painted my nails, you may be able to see the remnants of that incident in this shot.

Also despite being a little oversized I am also very satisfied with how the grip and handguard of her sword turned out. Although in future I may get premade scabbards and swords to ensure it looks good.
That is all for today. I hope you enjoy this model. I am hoping to get some more stuff out before the end of the month. I am also working on another sculpting project but very much an on and off affair. Once again I will direct you to the post on the Oronegro blog. If for nothing else for the additional photos. However, until the next one I hope you all have a good day/night. ::) 

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Las Minervas, 18th century female infantry

Hello everyone today I have something rather special. Las Minervas the 8th regiment of the line in the Oronegrean army. A unit entirely composed of very tall pagan women. Sounds strange? Well you can find out more about them here, on my Oronegro blog. They were fun to paint and creating a flag for them was also fun as I had managed to lose my file full of Oronegrean flags meaning I had to start from scratch. I do believe that the new ones I have made are better although perhaps this didn't turn out so well in this instance due to pre-moulded flag and the paper one not working together well. Still I hope you enjoy them.

Las Minervas, the regiment of La Tierra del Diablo (land of the devil), one of Oronegro's founding units and one of her most special.

The uniform of Las Minervas is quite different from the rest of the soldiers. While the colours remain the same Las Minervas are proud of their uniqueness and their uniform is designed to set them apart from their male comrades.

Painting metal miniatures is a quite unusual for me and there was a few small breaks I had to fix, notably one of the muskets had to be glued back on and made firm with putty. However, the difference is not as easy to notice now they are done.

Coming up with a slogan was difficult. In the end I chose Lágrimas de plomo" - "tears of lead." This is based on the fact that Minerva herself was often depicted in mourning for the dead of war. As such I wanted to include some reference to that. Las Minervas like their goddess also cry but their tears are lead bullets

This banner represents one of many I have come up with each for unique units in the Oronegrean army. There's square ones like this and rectangular ones (more like the original I did). Each includes a number, a unit name and some symbols depending on the unit's role.

Rosa Alexandra Minervista the commander of Las Minervas, she would go on to be one of Oronegro's finest generals.

Once again the macro camera reveals that I didn't actually manage to get that damn hair off when I had a go at it with the tweezers.

las Minervas on Parade. I would love it if more of the marching figures could be made separately so that a larger unit could be made.

Finally, I mentioned that these women are tall. Here's a comparison. The figures themselves stand around 27mm tall. This translates to around 194cm tall or 6'4" which is huge for their time and they do indeed tower over their male counterparts
Well that is all I hope you enjoyed this post. I just want to give a little shout out to Paul from Paul's Bods who painted these beautiful women a few years ago. No doubt Bodstonia's Purple Roses and Las Minervas have a deep respect for one another as fellow sisters in warfare.

I don't have any models that are immediately near completion so it will be a little bit before the next one. I do hope to get something else out before the end of April. However, until then, I wish you all a good day/night.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

HMS Beagle - Cubic Fun model

Hellow everyone been about a month since my last post. For those wondering I am indeed working away at my models. Progress is slow but more are on their way. But in the meantime here's a little something I put together over the past few days. It is a 1/76 scale model of the HMS Beagle, the ship that Charles Darwin sailed on. At first I was skeptical on how it would turn out but I must say I am very impressed with how it has turned out. Here are a few photos of the model which not takes pride of place on my windowsill. I hope you enjoy.

View from the starboard side. Really quite impressed with how tough this little model is. 
Bow detail. One small bow chaser on a turntable with anchors either side.
One of my favourite features are these little boats that hang rather snuggly of the stern.
Something else I love about this model is how it can inform all my other ship builds. With regards to how to properly design and layout sails and masts.
View from above. Struggled to get the light on it correctly rather difficult I am afraid.
Close up view of the deck. I placed a model down while I was building to test for size indeed even though this model is 1/76 and therefore smaller than 1/72 you really do get a good sense of just how compact these vessels really are.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post about a ship. A big thankyou to my parents who bought this as a present for me at Christmas. Finally got around to making it. As I said before I am steadily working away at painting up various miniatures, so look out for posts in the not too distant future. In addition my sculpting work continues at a slow but steady pace. Unsure when I will be done with either of the figures but again something to look out for. But until then I wish you all a good day/night and look forward to hearing from you all again soon.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Some militia, a copper wielding warrior and some shiny new toys

Hello all, I had hoped to do another post before I went away with work for the Splore Music festival. Sadly it is only now that I have returned (with abandoned tents, sunglasses and other found goodies in toe) that I can show you the minis I finished just before I left. But even if this post is five days delayed good things come to those who wait and indeed upon my return I found that some shiny new toys had arrived before me. All will be revealed below.

Quite the mix, let me break it down for you.

So first up we have some Imex Pioneers. These have been in the works for donkey's years. They wear the old style of sculpted tricorne. Nowhere near as nice as the newer ones but naturally the new ones build off the experience of the past. These figures are very useful from stand ins of early Oronegrean settlers to militia, to bandits and more. Yes the hats may be a little innapropriate for certain time periods but they are also far too large so perhaps it was a particular fashion trend unique to Oronegro.

A trend you can see here which will apply to most of the figs. I have used lots of dark washes to bring out the folds in cloth and the smaller details. I am quite happy with the results.

Same figures from behind. As you can see muted colours for the most part. Quite a change from the bright and colourful uniforms I am working on elsewhere.

Probably not a sight you'd want to see.
 The next couple of figs are from other sets. The one on the left is from the Imex Alamo Defenders set and the one on the right from the Airfix Wagon Train set. Again both useful for Militia, bandits or other armed civilians. 

I was particularly happy with the man on the left. Yellow coat and white shirt really do highlight the dark skin tone I used for this figure. Plus what is there not to love about someone armed with a blunderbuss (except one aimed at you of course).

Same figures from behind. Not much to say here.
Now here comes a very interesting figure. I have painted native troops for Oronegro in the past. But this is the first time I have done so for my 18th century project (well perhaps calling it the pre-20th century project would be more accurate). This is a Hät Thracian warrior from my very first 1/72 scale project relating to Alexander the Great. Now those old figures will get a new lease on life as natives of Oronegro. Armed with copper weaponary (the tribes of Oronegro will have a variety of tools and weapons, some stone, others copper and bronze and perhaps rare primitive iron work) this particular fellow is the first of hopefully many.

To emphasise how special this guy is I decided to hold him while I took the photos.

Many people think that all native americans used stone weaponary which is far from true. The Inca for instance had many quite deadly bronze weapons. So this copper weaponary is very reasonable. Even for a setting such as Oronegro where many strange and wonderful things are possible.

I added two feathers to his head. Unfortunately the red tips is too close to the copper so it appears to blend ruining the effect. may change the tips to black or another colour.
Finally here are my new goodies. Bought from Hägen Miniatures  I am very excited to have some more metal figs. Here we see some fantast 18th century female infantry (Perhaps used as an Oronegrean equivalent to Bodstonia's Purple Roses). Next are a couple Dragones de Cuera who were the frontier troops of New Spain, an elite unite, very interesting troops for which I can't find much good information in English (I myself am reading about them from sources in Spanish). A very appropriate addition to the forces of Oronegro as well. Finally we have a British Napoleonic 9 pdr gun... which also came with another barrel I assume a 3 pdr? Anyway useful for my minis as it fits in with my existing Oronegrean artillery.

So very shiny! Oh the potential right here.
Well I hope you enjoyed my post for this fine day. No news on the figures I am sculpting I am afraid. Have been sculpting a little bit replacing some of the old style hats I made with newer ones. Also in be on the look out for more posts by me relating to new models. I am on a bit of a new years spree as it were snapping up what I can to paint at a future date. But that will all come later along with other painted minis to share with you all. So until then I wish you all a good day/night ::)

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Some sculpting... a work in progress post

Yes yes I know I do have a work in progress blog, well whoops I guess. I just wanted to show that I am indeed still working on some stuff. Indeed I am working on quite a bit of stuff. However, these are rather special so I thought why not make a post about them? I have some Oronegrean Cazadores as well as the two other figures I am currently sculpting. I hope you will enjoy them

Here they all are with an Airfix AWI American to compare for the Tricorns. I have used a variety of different styles to keep up the variety

Two of the figures have brimmed hats with one side turned up. I felt that the Cazadores (hunters) would have a little more variation than the standard Oronegrean infantry

Also with these shots you get a bit of a sense of where I live given the view from the balcony.

Another couple of figures have these tassled caps. I thought would be an interesting thing to have. Quite happy with how these turned out.

Sadly hat to switch to using a towel for the background as the camera was not cooperating.

Finally an update on the two figures I am sculptung. Not too much progress to report but I am getting the clothing done on one and I have got the base for the head on the other.

Still a lot of work to do but going well do far.
Well that is all for today. All going well I will have a post with some nice completed figs done by the end of the week. Can't make any guarentees though. However, where there is a will and all that. I hope you are all having a good day/night. ::)