Thursday, 5 January 2012

Gowan's Tournament project post4

Ok nearly there I guess here we are then so close to the finnish line yet so far.
The grand stand with the shields of the nobels on top

Banners displaying the Heraldry of the great knights taking part

a campfire

The whole grounds from a birds or giants perspective

the small ruin

the not so small ruin

and an exit or entrance.
Hope you like this project as much as I do and I hope that it will be done soom. Next up I will add some knights tents using  Pauls tutorial on how to make Medieval tents. It is very good and I give my thanks to you paul for all those loverly tutorials you post on your blog :-D


  1. This is truning into something great. I really like what you´re doing with this set.

  2. Thankyou Paul for your complement and your tutorials