Saturday, 20 October 2012

A New Blogging System???

This is a very important post for everyone, I have just received and email from the CEO of Storylane, they allow people to create websites which like blogger give the users the ability to post content under headings.
WHAT I WANT YOU ALL TO TELL ME IS... Should I drop blogger for this new System, I am not sure as I know how hard it is to get all the content from one place to another and I am not sure how easy it will be for you to all access the new site.

SO the question is "to be or not to be?" should I go down the storylane route and leave blogger or carry on using this great tool?


on a lighter note I have got some more work coming up, a real mish-mash of different work to show but let us hope that I can present it in a coherent way.


  1. Up to you mate, but you have to remember not everyone else is using this system and you may indeed alienate your following since updates may not appear on a blog roll?

    Model on!

  2. I've received the same letter (shame on gmail's filter as it didn't redirect it to the spam folder at the first place). This is a simple marketing trick, and yet if it does not prove to be a scam, I would be (and am) very skeptic about it. Don't think dropping the old one for the sake of this is any useful. Hope this helps.

    1. I am going to have to agree with you, actually on second thought I do not think that it would be such a great idea. I doubt it is a scam, proberly just a case of an idea that never managed to get off the ground.

  3. Hi Gowan, I had never heard of Storylane before your post, so i decided to do a little research on it. it seems to be a social media site designed to better allow the account holder tell the story of their life -essentially a facebook account that encourages you to write articles rather than brief updates about your life.

    As to how suitable it would be for creating a blog about your gaming and wargaming experiences? Well your mileage may vary, but I don't think it offers anything extra to blogger - indeed one of the blog templates blogger provides can give the same front page full of articles that Storylane looks like.

    I agree with Paul, in that you may lose audience, but I also think it is not the best tool for creating what you want - a means of showcasing your imagination through a series of stories. Blogger can do this, but in the end if you think Storylane is better suited to it, it's your call.

    Good Luck,

  4. Would the benefits out weigh the potential risk? is what you are asking, the risks are great, are the benefits as great? probably not, stick with blogger, or open up a Storylane account and run them simultaneously, if it works out that it is better, drop blogger.

  5. I would probably avoid it but I do like Dan's suggestion.

  6. Hi Gowan.
    I also received the same mail (seems that this person had a great time tracking a lot of modeling blogs! :D).
    I also agree with Dan, you can create an account there and see how it works, but don't leave the blogger system.
    For what I read, the Storylane may be a nice thing for bloggers that create a full story around their works, as you did with Oronegro or Paul Hedges with Bodstonia.

  7. If i was you..nope. Blogger is the most popular´s tried and to a greater degree, trusted. Ok, they muck about with the format sometims but as has been said, you could try it but I personally wouldn´t bother.
    It has a FB link could try that...but at the end of the day, unsolicited mails are just that, unsolicited, not asked for so unless you particually wanted this service and went looking for it you wouldn´t have known about it.
    If you really want a new blogging system, then Wordpress..I use both and no problems with either.

  8. I agree with everyone else, its up to you but I wouldn't be tempted by it ;D

  9. Hi Gowan, I too received this email and briefly considered joining, but would not give up my blog. Although it is talking about stories it is really just another spin on facebook. If you really want to talk about yourself and not have people troll you for it, seems like as good a place as any. I'm not seeing how it would be any better for sharing your hobby though. Just my 2 cents.

  10. Whatever you want to do but make sure we get a link and we can still follow!