Thursday, 3 October 2013

More Metal!!!! Winttrix work and my own

well folks I have more to show you. some really cool figures here, ones that I really wanted to get and as you imagine when I found them in the box from Winttrix (Emmett) I was really happy. I'll go through what's mine and his (well which one of use painted them) and hopefully you'll like them. I must say that the figs he painted here arrived with a bit to quite a large amount of paint missing so I have done my very best to fix them up again... I must say that parts that I have done are quite easily spotted, well I assume so as I am colour blind and if I can tell you should be able to as well.

anyway onwards!!!
these first four figures are all my own work. on the right we have some special forces painted up for the desert, Oronegro having a very large mostly autonomous arid region to the south (I have yet to upload those maps... sorry...). On the left he have some figs I was really excited to get, helicopter gunners! Or if you like some advanced soldiers, no matter who they are I'm sure they'll find many uses.
all together then the camouflaged guns is an experiment on my part.

these guys do look scary but that makes them so much better.

you can't tell but I thought it was about time to experiment with skin tones, the marksman is Afro Caribbean (just to be interesting)
 Now out of the following three guys 2 are by Winttrix (Emmett) and one is by myself. I am sure you can tell which is which.
in the foreground we have the two figures by Emmett the pants on the guy on the right had to be totally redone and the helmet and other parts of the guy on the left needed re-painting

now my figure, yes he's got a ginger moustache, like my physics teacher who is now a proud father. his partner giving birth to a lovely baby girl named Aurora a few weeks ago (P.S his magazine matches his moustache, now who can claim that?)

all three from another angle
well there you have it folks another post. I am not able to follow everyone's blogs right now so I apologise for that. its the holidays right now so really just a time to kick back and study (bugger) though only 2 hours a day so I am not too busy.

Also I have a new follower greetings to Toma from tomas minis world. nice to have you here.
anyway good day/night everyone!


  1. Good to see you are still around (and Emmett)
    I like the orange moustache :-D
    Toma is here (bloody Blogger doesn´t always Show up th Avatar links)

    1. thanks Paul it is annoying when blogger messes up. The orange moustache is the character feature on that character! it was fun to paint as you can imagine also.

  2. They look good Gowan! And good to hear that Emmett still is on the hobby!


    1. thanks, although I am not sure what Emmett is doing, last I heard he was reducing the size of his collection, which is how I got hold of these figures.

  3. Nice work Gowan, glad to see you're still kicking!

  4. Nicely done! A good score Gowan.

  5. You've done a neat job there, Gowan!


  6. .... it seems that I've missed this post! (and it's not the first time! sorry!)
    Nice figures ! I like the orange moustache and the camo on the weapons !

    1. it appears that I missed you comment so no need to worry about being late. I have missed everyone's posts recently as I have been off blogger for quite some time.