Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Off to University. the beggining of a new journey

well I'm off very soon actually. on the 23rd of February I move up into my accommodation up in Auckland and on the 3rd of March I will begin my 4 year course in Urban Planning. I'll have to update my profile about me as well by the looks of it.

Sorry for not being active recently in truth it's been over a month since I painted anything, my mind is elsewhere and Oronegro has been put on hold. I will return! that much I can say, perhaps at the university I can join a club and maybe do some painting. but not for a while will I do anything substantial that much is for sure.

apparently I am not following anyone according to blogger which is annoying as I wanted to see some of what I have missed. also I cancelled my storage plan with Google so I have no idea if or when photo's uploaded onto the extra space will be deleted. again a real shame and not one I am happy about. I hope to get to view some of your blogs again. I hope also to one day revive Oronegro perhaps in a different way, perhaps focusing more on the realistic elements than the fictional ones. But most of all I want to keep in this hobby! I have loads of models, figures and kits that need to be made and one day I will come and put them together and paint them up.

so this is not goodbye although perhaps for the short term. certainly it feels like I have said goodbye after walking out the door with all these weeks of inactivity. So to leave you I shall just put together a small collection of images that cover my time here.
Me, Miles and Trent respectively on our trip up to the Pinnacles.

me last year when I got the principals award

the Leopard 2 A6 my favorite tank, one of my favorite models also

sunrise of table mountain in the Coromandel

a recent get together of all Oronegrean forces

the fearsome blue T-90A a cool tank

some 18th century Oronegro  stuff, fun and a nice break from Modern Oronegro

the ships Anne, Paul and Peter, names shared both by some of my family members and followers of my blog

the mighty pirate ship the Abigail

named after my sister

who is also in this photo, she is enjoying her first few weeks of high school right now

My dog Oscar enjoying one of his walks. I'll miss taking him out everyday, when I am at university

one of the many print outs I did for my projects

my attempts at sculpting

The Germans

an outdoor game that I played what seems like an eternity ago

my first sculpt

one of my first war-games and one that made it onto the blog... solo play sadly as I only played 1 game with another person and I was on their side as they had no clue what to do.

Argentina! this trip is what lead to Oronegro certainly. it would not have been a South/Central American imagi-nation otherwise

some of the people who went on the trip. many of them are off to University this year also.

the Teatro Colon, very beautiful place

sunset on las Pampas

Me, in a tree, as you can see

another sunset  shot in Argentina

and one more Argentina photo for good measure.

ah the tournament grounds I made so long ago!

one of the knights

some Russian knights as well

My very first 1/72 scale model! (which I painted)
some Romans

A better shot of my first photo on the blog

my first blog photo!
 Well that's all for... well I don't really know how long. I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully the blogs I follow shall reappear on my blog roll.

So long
have fun
live well
I'm off

I will return
in my own time

goodbye everyone, blogger let me enter a kind and helpful community and although I do not know when I shall rejoin it, let me say that each member of the community I met so far has been great to know and I regret not getting to know you all better and seeing more of your work.

but it's not like me to end on a sour not so here's some Monty Python to brighten up the mood

incidentally this is my 160th post as well


  1. Best wishes for the start of your university course :)

  2. Thank you for sharing all your ideas and creativity! I have enjoyed reading your blogs, and I look forward to the day you resume blogging, but hope that you have plenty of fun and excitement in 2014 to distract you! Do check out the gaming club 'America' at UoA as they do all manner of gaming there:

    Hopefully you may meet some like minded individuals there! Take care and Good Luck for 2014!

    1. thank you for the link that will help. as for how soon I shall start blogging again... unsure. hopefully very soon. thanks for following this blog.

  3. It's good to have some news from you, my young friend !

    I wish you good luck in your studies and I hope that you will come back in the Holly Hobby very soon!

    1. I shall return! Oronegro is not going to go away that easily. wherever in the world there is a nation torn apart by war and a side wanting weapons Oronegro shall be there. Wherever a terrorist group is in need of small arms Oronegro shall be there. Wherever a powerful nation needs more tanks or jets Oronegro shall be there!

      Oronegro is not a great nation really.

  4. All the best for you!
    Don't worry, sooner or later, you'll get back to the hobby. :D Probably sooner, taking into account your course!

    1. thankyou. and your probably right. in fact I know your right as I saw that they build scale models for some of their projects. :)

  5. Congratulations for getting accepted!
    I'll be transferring to a "real" school in the fall and think I know how you feel: nervous, but glad to finally be moving on.
    It was great to see your blog in review, the reminders seem like from ages ago!
    Best of luck with your future.

  6. All the best, Gowan, and enjoy your studies. As far as I know, I was a founding member of the first, rather short lived, wargaming club at Auckland University: the Contubernium Club, way back in 1975.

    I shall be looking forward to your return and perhaps a resumption of the political turmoil that is Oronegro.

    1. thanks. I'll look out for a wargaming club. I did find a model shop one day when I was out and about but nothing since then. I am enjoying my time here so far although I have yet to start anything serious. perhaps university shall help Oronegro as I see more of city life and from what I learn.

      I'll try and watch what everyone is up to but no promises I'm afraid