Friday, 30 December 2016

Pirate Galley - Barbaroja

Arrgh! 'Tis time for another ship m' harties! Meet the beautiful Barbaroja (red beard). A light galley based of ancient designs she is designed to chase down and raid small merchant vessels. On her mast she carries a mighty sail that is the main form of propulsion. As such this model represents her in her sailing configuration with the benches and oars being stored below decks to enable free movement. On with the pics (which I edited due to lighting)
I forgot to mention that this fine lady is armoured! Yellow copper plates protect the front when ramming and the ram is copper too.

If you saw this coming at you (usually oars would be in use too) you should probably expect a good ramming!

Name plate - I went for a more rough and crude look for this name plaque. It suites this piratical vessel

Instead of a rudder she had rudder oars. Again mirroring ancient designs. They are also slightly harder to shoot off which cannon.

Close up of the bow. As you can see there is plenty of protection. Often small cannon would be kept behind here for use against shipping

And one of the Stern. Again there is a significant raise in the sides to provide protection to the crew

The jolly roger! Although not so jolly for any passing merchant ships.
So that is all for this ship and indeed for this year. I wish you all the best for the coming year, may it bring you joys. I for my part will try to bring you more adventures and stories of the little people of Oronegro. And I will enjoy seeing/hearing what you have to show. Have a good day/night! I will see you all again next year!

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