Saturday, 7 April 2012

VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!! (ceasar terrorists)

Ok it has come finaly they are done, I was working overtime last night and this morning to get them all done. I hope that has not effected their quality. but why keep you waiting anylonger??? so now onto the figs/bods
here they come... once they were called peasants then the working class! Now they are the people

on the left is Karri .C. Tuf and on the right is Bean Castrae Ted

Add some heavy weaponry to the mix

and there guys are going to rebel

a big hug to my little sister who helpped me paint the pink fig!!! I say it is like lady penelope gone rouge

this is also a great opportunity to reveal my next board to you all

but just showing off figs on a board is boring, let me tell you a tale.

the fist guns sound... brutal and cold

the people rush in to defend their neighbourhood

trucks roll in, normaly they carry sheep today they cary the shepard

alittle bit of profesional help is provided by Karri .C. Tuf

here her goons in white suits let here talk buisness with local leader . the anglo-colombian Bean Castrae Ted and his people will fight to the end
and so the battle rages on buildings fall and screams rize but it all seems right to the terrorists eyes.

hope you enjoyed that. onto me next troops then, some old Arfix NATO ground crew I aquired in a trade with my follower DAVID or for all of you on Benno's forum Duke atreides.  I hope to start them today along with some other figs. see you all again soon.


  1. Very nice! I particularly like the Thunderbirds reference with Lady P. going on a rampage!

    1. thanks I used to watch them back in the UK when I was tiny, and when I saw all that pink there was only one thing I could think off

  2. Petrol bombs..they need petrol bombs!! Nice set up. You could print (or get from a magazine) street /citybuilding backgrounds to put at the ends of the roads (7th pic from top for example) and it would make the scenes seem realer (is there such a word as "realer"? )

    1. will do next time, sorry I was in quite a rush last night, had to take photos then go on an easter egg hunt. the photos were not my top priority, chocolate was :-P.

      as for petrol bombs maybe the old caesar partisans set will surfice for that

  3. Great work Gowan! The painting is superb, even the woman in PJs! I like how you achieved a true mix of clothing, I always have trouble when I'm painting non-uniform clothes because I tend to repeat the same color. Anyway good work, looking forward to updates.

    1. I also like how Karri C's special guard is in all white, pretty neat, kind of like her "old guard" or something.

  4. thanks guys :-D I agree ben that civilians are hard to paint, hense the large amount of yellow, I think when painting them you have to think more about what don't people wear than what they wear. otherwize they'll all have jeans

    and did anyone get Bean Castrae Ted???

  5. Replies
    1. as I assumed it was a pun in Spanish rather than a phonetic one.

  6. Nicely done and no on Bean Castrae Ted?

  7. I agree with Paul! Molotov cocktails they need!

    I made my remarks on Benno's so I won't repeat them here. Go on Gowan!