Friday, 6 April 2012

profile update...

some of you may have noticed that my profile has been updated. I hae decided to reveal a bit more about myself rather than just being mad. I did this because I feel the need to tell the world who I am and maybe to get them to understand why my work is not as good as others. so here is my new intro:

born early 1995 I lived for the first 10 years of my life in England land of my birth, but then aged 10 I moved to NZ where I have lived since. at an early age I was diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, dispraxia and ASD I may not be good socially or good at sport but when it comes to mad ideas and creativity I am unsurpassed. currently my love of the language of Spanish is great and my passion for models is mighty. but life must go on, so I created a blog to show the world what a mad guy with little time can achieve.

ADHD is well known so you probably know how this would inhibit my ability, if not look it up. I have it mildly
Dyslexia basically screws up my handwriting and spelling ability but also does not make painting any easier.
Dispraxia (which i spelt wrong) ruined my hand eye co-ordination so no sports for me.
ASD autistic spectrum disorder. means I have social disabilities and other problems but I have strived to overcome them all my life.

well now you all know a little more about me. maybe it will make you see my work in a different light. but thankyou all who follow my blog(s). I hope to see you all comment here. PLEASE no "oh I feel so sorry for you" comments, I am proud of who I am


  1. "I am proud of who I am" - As you should be - Now, lets see those Caesar Urban Resisters you have been painting!

    1. pactience my friend, tomorow I assure you they will be ready for display even if I do not get them all done. I abbandoned the batch system for the final 15 and decided to go for work on them all at the same time, one done 2 more almost done 4 more close and the rest all getting there including one I let my siter help me with. she (the fig not my sister) looks like "Lady penelope" gone rouge

  2. Nice to know more about you Gowan. I personally don't pass judgement on anybodies modelling or painting skills. If it's good enough for you that's all that matters. I suffer from grandiose plans that never quite get done. I think getting it on the table and playing may be preferable. Anyhow good job on the blog and putting yourself out there. I hope you will not be disappointed in this effort. And my daughter is also ASD and she is just fine.