Friday, 15 June 2012

the rest of the rebel team

well its about time I added the rest of these guys to the list of those presented on my blog. they are odd looking in their city environment but no matter lets just say that they are ment to be there. as before a big thanks to David for these figs :-D
a rebel convoy is directed through the streets towards a near by air force base

dogs patrol the streets looking out for trouble makers and potencial spies

the man with the paddles is not used to directing trucks but is doing well. his friend carries around a oil can just incase the slow moving vehichles need a top up

two pilots from the base stand and chat..... sorry I know my rebel pilots look like the  rebel pilots off starwars

oh dear a civilian has emerged from the shop just at the wrong moment

I hope that he likes dogs...
well just another update. I hope that you too can enjoy these little figs as they are proberly not likely to make an appearence in any of my games for the foreseeable future... only once a military base is set up they will... on another note the guards and the other green ground crew can be used by the national forces as well.


  1. Good work Gowan !
    I must say that I'm a little "out" about the whole story! it's like I've missed some episodes!
    What are doing the pilots here????
    They don't have planes or anything else!

    1. sorry I proberly need to fix the story together a bit. I need to do a bit of work but then I should have a cohierant story line going

  2. The pilots and the dog handlers look more 'official' - either Government personnel, or maybe we are looking at a region of the country in which a rebel provisional government has established itself. The latter might have got in mercenary types, or military advisers, or maybe 'security' types (isn't 'security' big business internationally these days?). Perhaps employees of the Ditchburn International Security CORporation Directory - DISCORD. :-)

  3. There's nothing wrong with some Star Wars pilots in your story :-D

    And I like them how you painted them!


  4. thanks guys... I should be posting some more soon just need to get the lot prepared