Saturday, 30 June 2012

la ley en la ley

well every nation needs a police force even those in chaos. the title litraly translates as the law in the law, so clearly it must be about some cops, bobbies, pigs whatever you want to call them. Fred even. La Ley may be in a state of war with her streets covered with the cloud that is the shame of a civil war. but never the less the police do their job though mainly behind a big soldier with body armour. here are 2 figs both x-ww2 NAZI's but that is another story. A bit of alteration to the hat has produced a nice looking force of law enforcers, even though one is injured and sadly possibly a fatality :-(
the police fight for their lives after coming under attack from terrorists hidden in the buildings around them

one lies injured on the concrete. he needs help fast but the shot up car provideds no way of escape

the other fights on and waits for a moment to help his friend escape

the fire from the buildins dies down the two begin their escape one crawling the other on the alert

there we go guys a small eddition to my extensive La Ley/ Oronegro project. more on the may the promist natives are nearing completion and some snipers are ready to reveal to the world. then I just got some standard infantry to start and then russian Paratroopers (spetnaz) and then some german? peace keepers. so allot of work to do but hey why call it a project if it is easy and quick to do????
Once again thanks to David for these figs :-D


  1. Hi James,

    I see you paint those Germans into cops! LOL~


    1. well the germans were good when it came to law enforcement. so perhaps it will rub off positivley on these guys!

  2. Good use of the poses. They do make good Police.

  3. Yep: only the familiar pose gives them away as former German army officers! Excellent law enforcement officers they make.

  4. Very good conversions of these figures!