Tuesday, 24 July 2012

bathtub misadventures

well my entry into the duel on Benno's figure forums duel was totally inferior to the entry of my opponent and the results showed it. Though my opponent did get an additional month for his entry, he did forget all about the duel so I think he's won justly. next time I will work much harder and actually enter a dio or something. so here are the pics...
I will include a tutorial at some point I promise
Oronegro has giant ducks?????
ooh it's just the bath... hey where has the water gone.
I was going to do the photos in a full bath but I feared the water might dissolve the paint or at least ruin the paint in some way. YES IT SHOULD FLOAT!!!!! but of coarse here was the winner with 20 votes to 7 here is Zachary's (ZachB) entree into the great areana
so much work has been put in I never stood a chance
well done my friend. and to the rest of you I hope you all learnt a valuable lesson. if you want to win a duel verse me!


  1. I like this Gowan! Don't feel bad about loosing this duel either. Just look how I did on the first painting competition. I know everyone goes on about it being about having a good time even if you loose but that is certainly not the fun part. You did great for this and I look forward to seeing more duels by you.

    I voted for this by the way. It bore the mark of genius only an Oregnarian general could pull off ;-) Good job.

    1. thanks Ben, your the third (fouth?) person who noted that you saw this for my work. thanks for the wote so now I know where 1 of those 7 votes came from. I voted for zach he did deserve it.

      oh and I am still up for more duels, perhaps my old figs (medievals, ancients ect). can be used to create the dios

  2. I like that gunboat, for sure! I daresay it will see action on some of the back country waterways of Oronegro. As the Amethyst and Topaz Rivers that form the northern and southern borders of Orotina and the Pan-Andean People's Republic are navigable a considerable distance inland, I have bethought myself of a need for some small craft thereon...

    1. yes it will se quite a bit of action. I guess Oronegro would have similar terrain as the coutries boarder so the river should be navagable... also it would make interesting scenarios as of coarse Oronegro has those large dams