Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thanks so much Matt for the present

A big thank you to Matt (bluewillow) from the Wargaming Guild who is sending me some modern AFV's. I won't open them till Christmas I promise :-D well maybe a peak :-P of coarse I still love my moderns even if I do like the 18th century Oronegro is a project of 2 era's and perhaps its for the best that I get reminded to do both... I have a nasty habit of focusing on a single era which is terrible so help me out there guys...

I am still finding a suitable present for him... he says its fine but I want to give something in return. anyway that's spurred me on to complete the modern Oronegro figs in my painting queue which I shall do after the boats are done of coarse. then perhaps after Christmas a game with the new AFV's and all the modern figs (or at least a sizable selection of them) will occur I will make sure also that I Celebrate Oronegro's first birthday. The day I came back from Argentina (really a year and its so sad that I was not able to contact my host family).

so stay tuned and it you are after any of the following... These I'm interested in trading or giving as gifts
  • Ancient Carthaginians
  • Macedonian Cavalry
  • Persians
  • Mongols
  • or some Thracian's

I might have a present for you too! :-)


  1. Always good to get a present you like!

  2. Ancients and medievals? The more the merrier :) But don't forget the Oronegrians. They struggled a lot and deserve freedom :)

    1. do you want some? they are all in need of a new home :-)

  3. You are such a nice lad Gowan, so sweet to offer to give away your figures as gifts. I would ask, but I'd feel horrible as the rate of postage is so very high from where you're at.

    1. oh no feel free actually postage is not bad at all around $11-$15 I would be happy besides postage goes on weight and the plastic figures are really light. so feel free to pick some.