Sunday, 25 November 2012

Their over. Yay no more exams + unexpected news report

I would say that right now I am celebrating and that I am planning a great list of things to do with my friends... but that would be a lie. No I am happy don't get me wrong but for crying out loud I am so exhausted that I can barely do anything. Its over! and I am glad it is.

well now that I have got up the energy for this post I may as well write something intelligent :-( hmm. Well ...

holy crap The Police helicopter just flew Low over our house. thought it was going to crash!!!!!!! I ain't joking either now it appears to be hovering over some part of the golf coarse near our house! Holy crap I was not expecting that. I guess its another training exercise as they love to fly the noisy thing over this town
notice how clear the photo is compared to UFO sightings and monster pics :-P

I really should remember that side on shots do not upright

if you look at some previous photos you will see that those trees in the corner are right near my house

and another pic... perhaps I could use them for a near future scenario???
Well I was not expecting that. I can still hear the thing buzzing so I am not sure if it is going away... hopefully a training exercise if not... well lets hope that they catch the person or people before they chose a near by house to hide in.... no sirens for police cars so that's a good sign. Still this post is going in the helicopters section.

well where was I after that sudden event. O yes... Well no I am not planning anything big just a little rest I think. if the helicopter goes away then a sleep is possible but rest assured that from now on apart from clearance day where all I do is go into school and sign my name on a sheet of paper and pay any fees before going home again. there is a came going on in the holidays for us prefects to learn our skills... remind me I need to fill in that form... so really from now until school next year Models get a higher priority :-D

Lets hope that I don't have to do (m)any more of these news report type posts this event came out of the blue and the helicopter getting so low as to sound like its going to crash into your house is not a nice experience... though at least it was only some nerves that got shredded. Pants are unspoiled before you make any rude remarks :-


  1. I'm glad the exams are over Gowan. I remember feeling the same way, excited but too exhausted to do anything about it. Get some shut-eye if you can!

    1. yeah I guess we all get that feeling. well the helicopters been gone for a while but it kept me up so long that I just could not get to sleep.

  2. Very cool pictures. They would look nice as backgrounds for some of your city pictures, if that's possible. Congratulations on getting through the exams by the way! Hope you did well. Only three more weeks before Christmas brake for me, thank goodness!

    1. sounds like a good idea. I truely was not expecting the helicopter to fly so low... at least with the old hueys the army still flies (not for much longer) I would have had some waring... for a good while before.

      hope you enjoy your Christmas break also... don't know if where you get has snow but if it does hope you get a white Christmas... we are likely to get rain and ruin our Christmas on the beach :-(

      Its like its trying to give us a white Christmas but failing.

    2. Thanks, I wish we would have a white Christmas, but its only happened a few times that I remember. We did have a white Easter a few years ago, but that was truly FREAKISH! Maybe your beach won't get rain, that would be a pain.

    3. sounds like where I used to live in England... but perhaps a bit more snow. Anyway we'll see besides perhaps the biggest day of the year is tommorrow... The HOBBIT premier :-D

  3. I wonder if you could have hit it with a catapult? :-D
    No exams sounds great..mines in 20 days....the first of many. Yep..even us older ones have to take exams:-D

    1. oh dear now I am scared... Where are you doing exams? we've mostly done ours in an old gym that smells like musty tents... thats another story.