Monday, 28 January 2013

Laneways Festival Auckland 2013

Hello everyone how about something different today, a post about what I have been listening to rather than painting or building?
Yesterday my father and I went to the Laneways music festival in Auckland, there were many bands but we only listened to a few. all round it was on the whole a great time with some very interesting bands playing some great music. quite an experience and a new one for me certainly as it was 18 and over which of coarse means that I am only just qualified to go... though when my father and I went for a walk outside the noisy festival grounds there was some younger kids who were most likely 14 asking for wrist bands to get in... do they really expect that anyone would look at them and not see they were clearly not 18 or over? anyway pictures some are mine others my fathers Oh and feel free to look up their music for 2 of the bands I'll put up some of their songs

First up we saw the end of the Kings of convenience a Norwegian band, for them it was their first time in New Zealand and they had only been here 6 hours before they played at the festival.

Later we Saw Polica the band included 2 drummers both with whole drum kits so that was quite interesting to listen to as its very different when there are 2 drummers playing at once but playing different parts. sorry my music jargon is almost limited to nothing.

foundation they made it all the way from... Wellington, they had a monster sized band. I am also going to give you a clip of their song Buffalo.

 AND NOW we move onto Of Monsters and Men they are Icelandic and perhaps the best band there that day. they got the crowed very involved and as such I think they deserve a a few of their tracks up here

 OK so if you could not tell already I enjoyed their performance :-D but we best get onto the last band we saw before leaving... Bat for Lashes quite moving songs but perhaps not ones that fit with the jolly mood of this post... But I recommend you search them up.

Well there you go folks there is a small peak at what I saw last night :-D if You go Look up Laneway festival you can find all the bands there OR.... look at the back of the T-shirt I got there. Anyway hope you have a nice day... and I hope you like the music, if its not your things that's fine we all have different tastes.


  1. Nice numbers all right - I had heard the first two of Of Monsters and Men before, but the others not. I can see why you like them: very listenable.

    1. I seem to recall that a new world add had dirty paws on it. I think thats where I first heard of them, then my dad found Laneways and as soon as I recognised it was their song I was hooked.

  2. Dirty Paws was my favorite of all the songs. Nice atmosphere to the song and when it kicks in at about 1 minute, that really adds some dynamic.

    So glad you got to go out and experience this. You'll be talking about this concert 20 years from now. And don't lose that concert t-shirt! I still have mine from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and from AC/DC.

    It's a duet when two drummers play together like that and it's one of the best sounds in the whole world :)

    1. I like dirty paws, in fact I recently though how cool it would be for a dio in miniature showing the war between the birds and the bees. and dirty paws of coarse.

      I will try not to loose them! I also hope to perhaps visit more of these festivals as they come around but this is my first so I guess it will always be the special one.

  3. Very nice! And I mean nice as in good! :D

    Just shared two videos of Of Monsters and Men at Facebook!
    Thanks for sharing it first!

    1. glad you like them. I find them quite nice to listen to and its a nice change from all the electronic music many of my peers listen to.