Friday, 25 January 2013

Sir Alfred Hale Captain and commander

this post and the figure/ character featured within it are dedicated to Alfred Hale the late husband of Anne O'Leary. I quote her in saying "my departed husband who was a sailor and a deep sea welder. He was killed while working on a rig in an explosion over 25 years ago. He was a good man and I miss him still." Anne when you told me this story I knew that I must name this figure after him as you asked me. I hope that it honours the memory of your departed husband and that perhaps he wherever he is now feels that this respects his memory.

Alfred Hale is one of the new characters I am bringing into 18th century Oronegro, his history and early story can be found on the Oronegro blog but for all of you here here is Sir Alfred Hale Captain and commander
the figure is a conversion from the Zvezda Medieval field artillery set, he was quite fun to paint as its quite interesting to paint a figure in armour after so long of camouflage and modern clothing.
The base he stands on is meant to look like wooden planks so either a ships deck or inside a building. he is the first of perhaps many important characters that will be Incorporated into the world of Oronegro... as for names although I will come up with my own I am still open to naming characters after people of your choosing, though as in this case I felt morally compelled to name the character in the memory of Alfred, I may not always name the exact figure after some person if I feel the name is unsuitable or that there is a more appropriate name for them being offered.

Now onto the new follower greeting section of my posts... Greetings to Melvin from little war'kshop thankyou to Ben for giving me that link


  1. Nice looking figure! I love the idea of honoring real people as well.
    Melvin is here:

    I look forward to seeing more Oronegrean characters :D

  2. That is just awesome Gowan! Anne will be very impressed!

  3. nice Captain!
    with his armour, I scarred for him if he fall in the water!

    1. don't worry he is a good swimmer and knows how to quickly remove his armour as well as he knows how to walk... better when not drunk but still possible!

  4. I am impressed and honored as well Gowan. He looks magnificent. I read the story you wrote about him as well and left a comment.

    I have been off blogger for quite some time and am glad I found time to stop in today. This cheers up a dreary day most considerably.

    1. Glad to hear that you like the story, you are of coarse the person I needed to impress with it after all. I have noticed you've been off blogger so I am very happy to see you managed to chatch these posts. Hope your having a nice time and that the weather is not too dreary.

  5. Excellent work Gowan! And you are a good guy!