Thursday, 6 February 2020

Get out of here Stalker: Wargame rulebook

So something arrived in the post today, something I almost thought would never arrive. Perhaps security around the zone has been tightened? Meet Zone Alfa a brand new entry into the Osprey Wargames series. So new in fact that I pre-ordered this copy. I have yet to read the rules but if they are as good as the artwork then this is sure to be the source of much fun in the near future.

Special credit goes to Sam Lamont the illustrator, there's some incredible scenes in this book!

So some exciting news but I am afraid those anticipating miniatures will have to wait a while longer. I have been very busy at work and have not had much time for painting. That being said I am slowly chipping away at some models and I may get some done soon.

I am looking forward to presenting this both to the local club and to my D&D friends. There are some fine prizes to be won, for those willing to brave the zone.

So until next time I wish you all a good day/night.

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