Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BM-24-12 in South american civil war

OK well it took me basically 2 days to do this little beauty. the terrorists of south America will be pleased at their latest piece of kit.... the BM-24-12 Multiple Launch Rocket System. this one is made by ICM... the instructions while clear were crap... the wheels I put on twice. but they broke and now do not turn :-( the main problem is that the instruction includes "?" for putting pieces in place.... How am I to know if that is supposed to go there? turns out that it means they are not sure that it is the right time to put it there... which meant I had to tear apart the chassis just so the body could go on. But anyway I made it, and overall the instructions helped me along the way, I would recommend that you get this model put before you put it together, you must see if that the order is correct or you'll mess up like I did...
the army of the nation is coming under fire... rockets are being launched at tanks and heavy 50cal machine guns halt advancing troops

but all is not good for the rebels... Their leader the Anglo-Colombian Bean Castrae Ted calls for reinforcements

the sun sets on the battlefield but the war goes on

so lets take a look at the BM-24-12 shall we

as you can see it is rather dirty. probably because it got lost in the amazon

hydraulic jacks and rocket engines this end is quite imposing

from the other side it is clear that this truck is in need of more than just a normal car wash

look a spade and a warning sign. why it needs either of those I am not sure

I cannot quite read the number plate but I doubt that this vehicle has been speeding

another warning sign and an extinguisher? what could this truck possibly be up to? it is not like their is any fire involved in rocket engines now is there :-P

  • police-"what is the number plate of the vehicle sir"
  • caller- "32-71-RK. he is doing at least 100 km/h and is swerving all over the road"
maybe I was wrong about it speeding

a dark night descends upon the city as the darkness grows so does anarchy spread across the land.
so there you go the first kit-set I have ever completed... I am still making my first one with my friend we are painting a spitfire :-D

hope you like it

helo to Ray (rousell68) from Rays music page and don't throw a one he has some good stuff and his blogs are worth a look


  1. I need some thing like that for my insurgents....nice work though, you really turned it around.

    1. thankyou. I must admite that my next challenge the challenger2 tank looks like it may test all my new found skills

  2. That truck really looks old!!
    Won't you put it on a base? It would help it last longer!


    1. thankyou for the tip.... Do you recomend any materials?

  3. Great painting Gowan. I like the vehicle, pretty scary. Have you looked into the Pegasus WWII U.S. trucks? I painted mine in civilian colors and mounted some weapons on them use them for my "resistors." Plus you get 2 of them for about $10. anyway just an idea. Good work.

  4. Bummer about the instructions, but it turned out well. What are you using for the other vehicles? I need to think about 1/72 vehicles at some point.

    1. I am using old toy die casts. Unfortunatly I am also trying to sell them :-P so I may only keep a few.

  5. there you go. thankyou all for your comments. I would like a few tips here and there if possible it is my first time I made anthing like this

  6. I use mostly PVC Foam. I buy them on sheets of 0,5x0,5m (around 20x20 inches) and 3mm thick (0,12 inches ?).
    Easy to cut and strong enough!

    1. And cheap (at least it's where I buy it). At gardening/decorations/etc stores.

  7. Great looking MRL! Since you are in NZ, you might find it easier (and cheaper)to get hold of some thin MDF board to base up your vehicles, towed guns, and other heavy support weapons. The cheapest source of small bits could be the school woodwork room, otherwise pick up a part sheet at a Mitre 10 or Bunnings and cut it down to size. David's solution is a very good one, but sheets of PVC Foam can be pricey in NZ.