Saturday, 3 March 2012

Modern street war

OK I have no finished all my Latin American Special Forces. But I have enough or just the right amount to make this little set up...
Something is brewing in the city streets troops rush to take up defencive positions. enemy  jets fly overhead. and all the while gunfire shakes the buildings

in the cafe a sniper and a grenade launcher prepare for tanks and other vehicles

across  the road the medic runs to the site of the battle. other troops fire round the corner and try to stay out of the line of fire

on the cafes ground floor more troops fight. firing out of windows and doors they try to pin down the enemy. And by the end window a soldier with a stinger missile scans the skies

In the street the captain leads the fight. here also is a stinger in case of air attack. But also here are the LMG's not much use against advancing armour but death to anyone in the street

up in the shop across from the cafe more troops lay fire down on the buildings across the road

while down below they fire and hide as they come under heavy fire

marching towards the fight is the Elite gaurd. they are ready to lay down the law with brutal force and no remorce
So there you go. I cannot imagine doing a little display like this with all the figs. It would not be big enough. But I can already see how usefull the city streets project is so I am pleased.

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