Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Latin American special forces2

Ok now onto the next batch of soldiers to enter the fray. this time the troops are mostly part of the support teams and specialists rather than the special forces troops them selves...
the troops have assembled now in the streets. thanks to the other teams success at removing the sniper

the captain downloads the latest stats on the enamies movement while a soldier readies his weapon in case of an attack

something is rolling down the road towards them...

bang!!! a large explosion shakes the ground (and my camera) the blast  injures one of the squads LMG troopers

in the street near by 2 more mambers of the support team are on the move

One a medic rushed to the injured soldier

the Other a member of Elite Guard. Distinguished  by his body armour blue  shirt and gold medals and emblems patrols the street to avoid any counter attacks

the medic runs as fast as he can but will he be in time?
And what was rolling down the street you ask? Well I have just got my order of a tank and a truck with rocket launchers. I think that it was the truck heading for them or else they would have run away!

:-D there you go I have more to paint and do but hang around and comment on these figs.


  1. They look very nice painted Gowan!


  2. Would have been nice to have these buildings 1st time I was into figures! Nice work!

    1. I am going to tell you a secret...All the basic materials for the buildings are free...the plywood just off cuts from a builder the foam offcuts from a picture hanging company if you know either of these two you too can build these structures ;-)