Sunday, 5 February 2012

modern streets post3

Ok alot of progress since the last post so here is the first building almost done and the second on the way. :-D
It has to be said that because of the long week end I have made more progress than I will be making next week. So here we are then...
a overview of the interior of the first building-cafe

the city streets

looking at the first building the cafe

here we can see building 2 in progress. It will be some type of shop what type I have yet to decide

second floor of the cafe as you can see I am finishing the details.

here is a fig for scale

a look downstairs. In Argentina it is normal for floors to be left as plain concrete a style copied here
So there you have it alot of progress for 2 alotments hoping I can complete the cafe today so maybe another post tonight about the completed version :-D

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