Monday, 27 February 2012

Latin American special forces1

OK I recieved these figs yeasterday. These are the famous went to the wrong adress the first time figs.

Why Latin American special forces? why not?
besides my era is 2020 and I am always finding stuff to do with russia and iran in near future conflict but not South and Central America. So I decided that must change.

here are the figs. they are armed with the german X25 R invented in 2019 and looks very similar to the m16 but it is more advanced. they wear the latest in composite armour and a rough boaring camoflage as modern technology decreases camo's effectiveness.

the 4 man group is the smallest unit of these troop. seen here they are  trying to get out of a store 

the food is tempting but dicipline, self control and the expirery date stop the soldiers from stealing

they see thier chance and run

they escape and cross the road using the cover of sandbags as defence

and they storm the building which is thier mission objective inside are some snipers which have been killing many troops who have advanced through the city

as they prepare to move out and take out the snipers by the window they secure the room to stop thier targets fleeing.

As they move in one man keeps his eye out the window. They need to watch out for rienforcemants.
so there you go. My first set of modern troops I ordered. the second I painted. A big thankyou to Wayne russle and sam for resending the figs after I messed up.

Also I have started a new blog devoted to my projects and ideas so that this site can be left for figs and kits and the news I have. oh and the finnished projects


  1. Nice pictures and painting. I'm sure you know but there is a new set of modern Germans by Caesar. They might make a good order in the near future.

  2. Nice setup! From which manufacturer are the figures? Sorry if don't find it in your post.

  3. thankyou for the comments

    @ ben I saw that new set on PSR and it is on my "must get ASAP" list ;-D.

    @Lonewolf. the figs are ceasar US Elite Force. I just wanted it to be more german based. i.e why I renamed the gun. Because I am bored by all the alternate near future games where all we do is USA with US kit vs Russia with Russian kit. why not colombia with German kit vs Bolivia armed with US kit