Friday, 3 February 2012

modern streets post1

Ok it is finnaly here my modern project ;-D
The year is 2020 and somewhere in the western world civil war has brocken out. the cities are in caos as outside troops march in to stabalise and/or take advantage of the countries instability. What will hapen next? Zobies, aliens, both, WWIII, who knows. Let us find out.
Ok this is just the basic board. as you can see my painted on roads have turned out well. You can also see the pathements going in. I was going to use coark but desided that with so much carboard left over from moving I should use that.

another angle here you can see how thick the paint is and the pathement better

ah the police the same in every country in need of fire extinguishers

this is just a die cast car with a bit of melting from a lighter and some paint here and there. As you can see I am working on the lights on top of the car

fron on view. Can you see the bullet holes?

they are easier to see now. To make them heat up a pin with a lighter and force it through the windscreen
And there you have it a now project for a new era. Hope to progress a bit more soon. School is back and Study gets in the way.


  1. Looking good, Gowan. I'm waiting for more!

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  3. Nice one..the best way to create a burned out car look?..burn it!!! :-D Good idea for road surface. Another one is sandpaper...paint it black and dry brush it grey.

  4. @Ben I understand what you mean about like minded younge people. I will proberly use this as a wargame/dio because i do not want to sacrifice any figs for a permentent place on a board.

    thanks for the tip paul. I was going to use sand paper but we don't have enough :-(

    winttrix more pics on the way