Saturday, 11 February 2012

Karri .C. Tuf and her truck

ok not a usual post anywhere but this is a first for me.
Ok let me answer the question on everyones lips...who is Karri .C. Tuf. well actualy if you rearrange the letters it becomes clear. karri .c. tuf = friar tuck :-D. yes that is right she is a converted fig.
she is the first fig that I used some moddelling putty on. and from an old dirty priest emerged a modern clean terrorist, with a sex change :-P. so here she is and here truck which is armed.

she is fat but don't say it too loudly. She is the first figure I have based.
I have used a 10 centivos coint from Argentina it is worth nothing

I wonder what is in that bag? a bomb?
And if you were wondering why is this fat woman so dangerous remember the burnt out police car...
this was here doing
How did she do that? you ask
her truck. heavily armed and armoured

It won't remain black if you request a colour. Maybe pink :-D

both models were die casts I just converted.
To all of you who do not know which friar tuck fig this is it is the arfix one. the same one HaT reissued. Ok there you go more figs for my modern era on the way as well as more progress on the building front


  1. He/she is ugly! Am I in trouble now, by saying his? ;-D

    Good conversion!


  2. I don't believe I would trust her in real life. Nice conversion of the figure and it's truck.

  3. keep going! Soon you'll be scuplting some Gisele Bundchen!

  4. @ peter, if you are still alive!!! she hasn't found out yet :-P
    @ Ben that is why I put her in with the romans and not with her car. I just hope the might of the roman legion is strong enough to withstand her :-(
    @ David... what is a Gisele Bundchen?
    in english a Gisele is a type of deer.

    Oh and BTW even some friends who have never even seen models in their life were impressed by the truck. Maybe I may recreuite more followers for my wargame once the streets project is done :-D maybe I shall do more conversions in the near future?
    how about a cavalryman resculpted to ride in her car. She needs a henchman right?

  5. Gowan, I didn't know that!
    Anyway, it's a different kind of animal...