Wednesday, 15 February 2012

modern streets post5

Ok project update I am putting in the next building now.

the new building a hotel or shop. It has some battle damage

the buildings so far

shot of the corner af the street and hotel

the battle damage... a large whole blown in the wall.

and if you were ever wondering what type of glue I was using
There you go an update to bring you up to speed. there is a bar going to go in on the opposite side of the road from the hotel and small shops and an alley way next to it.


  1. looks nice! if it's a "future world", you are completely free about your buildings and the figures!

  2. I would prefer to say near future but still you right. I will hopefully be in my carreer as an arcietect by 2020 or whenever this game is set so meybe I will have designed these buildings. So the way they look is the way they should look :-D

    thanks for the comment

  3. Your project is growing Gowan. I like it. Nice buildings!