Friday, 24 February 2012

Karri .C. Tuf Vs snipers and project update

Ok here we go the 7th update on the project and not alot of progress to report... sort of. But to make up for that I've included a little story that unfolded today in the streets of this lawless town. just go past the first few entries that relate to the project update to get to the pics.

the 1st floor of the hotel with nice rug laid down
a view of the hotel. It may not look like much now but all it needs is a bit of details and...

... it'll be cool. as you can see here there is a nice amount of room down stairs to put in desks and other forms of cover

in the shop Karri .C. Tuf's minions get to work

but snipers get into posiotion atop the hotel

one has a grenade launcher this could turn ugly. Like Karri herself

but the minions find cover and avoid the bullets

the floor above is abandoned as the bullets rain down

a second group of snipers sets up on the cafe

more minions abandon their positions as the sand bag wall is bombarded

the streets are cleared but the war continues

the snipers can only hope Karri dosen't escape

 here is a print off sheet of some details I got online. it's an easy way to get rugs, paintings, blue prints, ect.
as you can see there is a wide verity of pictures in here  guess what they are and you'll guess what buildings I might build next. ;-D
that is what I've done this week. Hope you've enjoyed this update. Oh and about Karri she hasn't appeared yet!

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