Friday, 10 February 2012

modern streets post4

Ok more progress to report on the streets.

the over view. I have been banished from the table for taking up too much space :-( now I occupy the garage floor

I added a water tower to the cafe it is made from an old lid to a bottle for medication.

It says "the super- market" in spanish

an over view of the supermarket and it's graffiti

a look inside. Look at the shelves full of food and goods. There is also an antique globe/lampshade on the  counter

the two buildings

NEWS FLASH... I have inlisted the help of friends in the design process and am also going to get them to help in the construction of this city. we have made plans and I am going to show you the ones we have done for the next building the bar.
the ground floor of the bar
the top floor
I hope you like this update. Comments, recomendations and requests for a perticualar building or board are welcome.

here is a list of boards me and my friends made
streets (current)
city centre?
forestrie/woodland tree houses (camps)?
Deep mountains/forts?
deep jungle
river board

And there you have it hope you all enjoy watching this project progress. Soon I will post pics of a conversion of Friar Tuck into the modern Karri .C. Tuf. yes that is a woman but Friar Tuck was just to efeminative to convert into a modern man :-P

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