Monday, 10 December 2012

Paint the City Pink Charity Auction

I recently found out about this from Peter at Peter's cave and as its all for a good cause I decided I would spread the word! the charity auction is going on at Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher Blog. go there to find out for, you can always spread the word yourselves or you can make a bid. remember the aim is not to win prises its to raise money for a good cause so even if you don't normally enter an auction like this, enter this one and help them raise money!

there we go guys lets hope that this little auction becomes a huge success! that's all from me for now, I am still working hard at my ship project and have already put up 3 out of 4 sails... getting very close to the painting stage :-D so all is well for now. I hope that we are all happy and healthy and to all my northern hemisphere friends if you are jealous of the sun here remember due to the depleted Ozone over here that sun burn is a HUGE problem... I am a little burnt myself.


  1. That is a great thing that Ian has put together. To see these men active in a cause for women gives me great pleasure.

    I envy you the sun, but not the burn! Hoist those masts matey!

  2. Thanks for the support Gowan!

    And be carefull with that burning sun!