Tuesday, 25 December 2012

street advertising columns (very good scenary bits)

Well this Tutorial came about after a chat conversation with Mickey_Mouse (Michael) on Benno's forums chat feature, more of you should use it ;-). He gave me all the pictures and information I could ever need to make one of these and every step of the way we were in communication keeping track of how well it was going and what I was doing.

Anyway here is the tutorial on How to make some Street advertising columns... I seem to be the tutorial man right now eh?


  • the cardboard tube from some toilet paper 
  • cereal box cardboard
  • normal paper
  • PVA glue
  • Foam craft balls (optional)
  • filler (optional)
  • thread (optional)
  • twine (optional)
  • thick card
  • coins or a compass
  • printer or some other way to get the advertisement
  • tape
  • scissors and/or a craft knife
Step one; basic column
getting the tubes
The first step is really simple get your tube and cut vertically down the side. next cut horizontally across to create some strips, these can be between 2 and 3 cm wide depending on how tall you want your columns, now put your finger inside the tube and use it to keep one end in place. Then Twist the tube up until it becomes a very thin column. tape the other end to the column to keep it in place. secure with some PVA. then get some paper and wrap it around the columns, with glue on the inner side, wrap it as tight as possible. there the basic bit is done.
basic columns

the strip of paper I recommend you use around half the length shown


Step two; the ends
coin size test
now there are 2 ways to get the ends one get some coins and find out how big you want your ends to be that way and then draw around them onto some thick card and cut that out or get a measurement and then use a compass to transfer that onto the card. remember one should be wider than the other as that one is the base. cut out the thick card and glue the ends on, simple enough.
just a size test (yes I was making these at the same time as the Abigail

Step three; top, detail, paint and decorate
basic colour applied

the tops are put on top of the card, there are many types of top here I shall explain just 2, a conical shape and a dome,  I shall also explain how to do some minor details before you paint and decorate.
The dome top is made from half a foam craft ball, these are commonly found in cheap "dollar stores" or in craft places, essentially just Styrofoam balls they might be easy to get or not depending on where you are. the ball is cut in half and glued on top and then PVA is "painted" on top to harden it. the conical shape is made by staking smaller and smaller circles of thin card and then putting filler on top, then just sand and add some PVA.
the other half of the foam ball
The details are easy also, some thread wrapped  repeatedly around the top and bottom of the tube or just some thicker twine or string wrapped around once... glue in place. Then undercoat black and then begin to paint. I did just plain black one one and a more pretty colour scheme on the other but still pretty basic. Then print off some advertising or use some decals, these are then put on the columns. and there you have it!!!!!
one down one to go
the finished product
can you read the advertisement?


  1. Hi gowan,

    great tutorial!
    thank you for calling me at your blog.
    It was a pleasure to help you to get the information to make this tutorial.


    1. thankyou for your help and you are more than welcome... chat to you soon

  2. Very well done Gowan. This just shows how much we can learn from each other using the forums available to us. This is such a nice community and people are so helpful

    I hope you had a pleasant Christmas!

    1. thanks Anne I had a wonderful christmas, I hope you did also. yes forums are wonderful things, I love Benno's as on the whole its a great and friendly place.

  3. You know: I never, ever would have thought of that type of scenery piece. Yet it's just the thing to give an urban environment just the little extra something. Nice article, Gowan.

    1. I would not have thought of it if Michael had not shown me but, once started I realised how useful it could be... imagine a scenario based around a pirate or other bandit trying to remove the wanted poster with his face on it, while all the time a local sherif or guard are on the look out for him. its an idea

  4. Great work. Very useful pieces of scenery.

  5. Another nice tutorial. Keep them coming.

  6. Great idea. Very simple but very clever.