Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Abigail an altered Cruzier Brig Sloop

well as I am sure you all know the Abigail is now complete and now I intend to make a small post in her honor. of coarse the Oronegro blog will be updated (eventually, I must get on with that) with the tales of the ships... of coarse I intend to make their tales so perhaps I need to thing it through.

The Abigail is a true example of the Pirates ongoing existence in the 18th century although many believe that pirates were slowly disappearing from the sea's by the 1730's in truth they were growing in strength from their hidden ports in many an imagi-nation they built up fleets to establish a permanent hold on the seven sea's and to end the dominance of the great European navies! so was the Abigail built a true pirate vessel, designed to have up to 16 guns (at a stretch) and plenty of space for treasure in her hold the Abigail was sent to terrorise that enemy of all piracy Oronegro. Oronegro was a place pirates had deep hatred of, there any ship, french, English, Spanish, dutch and any other, could go to hide from the dreaded jolly roger, even during times of war. Pirates also knew that if a ship got to Oronegro that the vessel would come under the protection of the Oronegrean Navy which was by then not a force to be messed with.

The Abigail though was fast and ready to raid this land of loving people. and the jolly roger was flown with pride on top of her mast. Terror was now to descend upon the coasts of the land of Oronegro.

the Abigail sails off towards, guess who, Abigail :-D

who put those feet there? whoops my bad

once again a lop sided picture, from the stern

you've seen this one before, the sail details

name plate and anchor

a view of the forecastle and a boarding ramp, stolen from the HMS Anne, BLOODY PIRATES

a view over the mid ship. can't wait to get a motley crew sorted out and see the guns opening up upon some poor merchant, or the Oronegrean navy, or the Brits or the French as I have their flags also

another pre used picture

and another.... Microsoft word has a huge selection of font... it took me a while just to select a font not to mention getting the colours and sorting out the design

I call this the view from a pursued ship.

GRRH that bloody yellow didn't turn out right oh well its a pirate ship and I am sure they can't afford to go around getting the painters to paint the prow perfectly

the jolly roger... why is he jolly the poor bloke is dead

the rigging

the view a seagull would have as the ship sailed past

this is the better view from the front. it gives you a real sense of how tall this ship is
 Now for some comparison pics.... with HMS Peter
here is another shot from above this time Peter comes along side

hang on wasn't Peter on the other side?

action picture, now imagine the guns aimed at each other and marines, sailors and pirates all shooting and jeering at one another

and a final picture as you can see the Abigail is not to be messed with unless you are sailing a decent ship of the line

 Well there you have her. the Abigail my favourite project so far, my family will be the first to tell you that I put lots of heart and soul into making this ship. I hope that you like her just as much as I do and I will be happy to tell you that I am working on some crew for my ships they are pretty generic so far so they could be pirates or sailors. they are all conversions some more than others. anyway that will come later. until then I should have a post about how to make some street advertising columns up and perhaps even a small post about a special character... not sure yet who he is (well name anyway) but he is the Captain of the HMS Anne, going to name him and get his story. HMS Paul is not forgotten but Paul may become a transport, armed and still a 3rd rate boat of the line but more suited to transporting people or cargo up rivers.

Hello to Don from old soldiers never die they just trade away such a true statement.... especially plastic figs, some of those plastics won't bio degrade for thousands of years.... and some people think our hobby can't last :-P


  1. Awesome build. Admiring your work 'cause I love sailing ships and can't wait to build a proper one myself (too many projects, too few money!). When scratch-building or making one from legos (closest one to making a model) I always feel like I was the head ship-builder; there's a special connection between the creator and the finished vessel, otherwise it wouldn't work out.

    1. thanks, I am also very proud whenever I complete a ship, I think scratch building is just a rewarding experience.

  2. Beautiful work Gowan. Look forward to seeing her in action.

    1. thankyou, you may hav to wait a bit for the action, still got to crew and gun the ships

  3. That is a very good finished product there, Gowan :D
    I agree, the Abigail looks like a tough one to take on indeed, I feel sorry for the crew of Peter in the last few pictures! I can't wait to see them with crews and maybe in a game soon.

    1. I hope not to dissapoint, I just have to figure out some rules though as I cannot seem to find any for this scale. which does not surprise me at all.

      merry christmas

  4. About pirates, you may be already aware through 'Paul's Bods' (or Paul's other blog 'Federation of Bodstonia') of the (resin) 1/72 pirates of Germania Figurinen? Their SYW Hungarian grenadiers may be of interest, some troops of Toussaint L'Ouverture in Haiti wore such close-fitting trousers.
    Michels Miniaturen produces so far only a 'female Landsknetch' who, although comely, could hardly appear in 18th C. Oronegro (playing a parody of Shakespeare, possibly?); but on the right of the page under 'Handler' one find links to other German manufacturers / sellers of 1/72 miniatures largely ignored by the PSR for instance. Unfortunately CW Toys ceased business, they were the importer of (Chinese) 3D Models including the 18th C. '3 French beauties'. But the other sites have interesting items such as the Hecker & Goros early 18th C. personalities and Prussian infantry on 'Fredericus Rex' (Paul also uses some 'Napoleonic' civilians of 'generic' look).

    1. Thankyou very much for the links. I will view them soon. I know of a few of those figs but its nice to get links to those I do not. oh and merry christmas.

  5. Some fine work there Gowan, I can see a lot of effort has gone into this. Ensure you keep it well secured from the earthquake monster mate!

    1. I'll try my best mate, however I live in the west of the north island in a relatively safe zone, although Auckland city is way to close for comfort i.e less that an hour away... southern end of the manukau Harbour