Friday, 30 March 2012

1 more week of term....

Well I have not posted much recently and that is due to the homework monster :-( but next week is the final week at college and then I have 2 weeks off. so I hope that I'll be posting alot more here and on my projects blog then. of coarse I may just get a second homework monster for the holidays but it will have to compete with my armies of figs for my time and of coarse I am sure that you'll be supporing me in my fight against the reign of the homwork demon.... talking about support I have some new names to add to the list of rienforcements...

helo to Dan from gunners wargamming blog nice to see you on board...
welcome to TamsinP from wargaming girl I am glad that I am not only being followed my men (that sounds creepy)
and good day to Rodger from rebel barracks I hope he has alot of rebels in those barracks... I'll need everyone in my war against homework

so there you go past 30 followers I am quite happy. a kid from England who moved to New Zealand and decided to learn spanish is being listend to by a group of people who are about the same size as a class at school

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

BM-24-12 in South american civil war

OK well it took me basically 2 days to do this little beauty. the terrorists of south America will be pleased at their latest piece of kit.... the BM-24-12 Multiple Launch Rocket System. this one is made by ICM... the instructions while clear were crap... the wheels I put on twice. but they broke and now do not turn :-( the main problem is that the instruction includes "?" for putting pieces in place.... How am I to know if that is supposed to go there? turns out that it means they are not sure that it is the right time to put it there... which meant I had to tear apart the chassis just so the body could go on. But anyway I made it, and overall the instructions helped me along the way, I would recommend that you get this model put before you put it together, you must see if that the order is correct or you'll mess up like I did...
the army of the nation is coming under fire... rockets are being launched at tanks and heavy 50cal machine guns halt advancing troops

but all is not good for the rebels... Their leader the Anglo-Colombian Bean Castrae Ted calls for reinforcements

the sun sets on the battlefield but the war goes on

so lets take a look at the BM-24-12 shall we

as you can see it is rather dirty. probably because it got lost in the amazon

hydraulic jacks and rocket engines this end is quite imposing

from the other side it is clear that this truck is in need of more than just a normal car wash

look a spade and a warning sign. why it needs either of those I am not sure

I cannot quite read the number plate but I doubt that this vehicle has been speeding

another warning sign and an extinguisher? what could this truck possibly be up to? it is not like their is any fire involved in rocket engines now is there :-P

  • police-"what is the number plate of the vehicle sir"
  • caller- "32-71-RK. he is doing at least 100 km/h and is swerving all over the road"
maybe I was wrong about it speeding

a dark night descends upon the city as the darkness grows so does anarchy spread across the land.
so there you go the first kit-set I have ever completed... I am still making my first one with my friend we are painting a spitfire :-D

hope you like it

helo to Ray (rousell68) from Rays music page and don't throw a one he has some good stuff and his blogs are worth a look

Monday, 19 March 2012

how to: rockets from pens and milk cartens

Ok so after quite alot of interest in my little rocket I decided that it would be best if I showed everyone how to make one...

so step one... get your pen. and cut it down to size
I will be using the top pen. the one thing you must do first is cut it down to size... notice that the top white pen has some tfin like things just behind the nib... Cut it there.
Step 2 preparing to add the fins
right now you have you pen done it is time to add the fins... To do this find an old (prefereble washed) milk carten one of the plastic ones. You couls use anyother b\plastic sheet as long as it is rigid... Now cut the pen. I used a knife that I had heated up with a lighter to cut through the hard plastic. cut one side and then carry one through the other side so that there is a strait line through both the holes. then do the same on the same at a right angle to the previous cut... 
step3 adding the fins
with the holes cut it is time to add the fins. simlpe cut 2 long bits of milk carten, try and get them wide enough to fit into the depth of the cuts but not over hanging so much that they look stupid. look at the image above if you want to know how wide to make them. next cut one of the plastic strips in half... now cut them to shape. look above for an idea of the shape. you can cut them any shape you want it is your rocket... Once you are pleased with the way it looks superglue the fins in.
step4 painting
now your rocket shold look something like this....but wait no it dosent it needs painting. Now I do not know much about rockets so I just did this humble colour scheme. but you can paint it any way you like.... But there is one tip for the tip... cover it in many layers of paint so that any remaining ink does not leak out and stain the colour.
And finished
I take no responsibility if you use this method to take over the world
so there you go I hope you can understand this little tutorial as it was very spure of the moment... have fun with you pens

Sunday, 18 March 2012

1/72 scale rocket from a pen and milk carten.

Ok here is something I doubt you've seen before... A rocket in 1/72 scale made from and old pen and the plastic from a milk catern. so without further adoo...
finnal count down. 5..4..3..3..1.. 

woooooosh! or not :-P ok it does not work.

take a look at the rocket. simple and it looks well  like a little rocket
so there you have it I'll now say a big helo to sebastosfig who is me newest follower. I hope that you all enjoyed this little presentation. If you want I shall make a tutorial on how to make these little ballistic missles... I am sorry I cannot publish how to make a real one... The CIA needs no more encouragement to arrest me :-P

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ceasar US Elite Force

OK they are all done finnaly. Now I can display them with pride and not regret over the fact I have a small army waiting for their turn infront of the camera. I perfected the batch system while making these guys come to life. 5 figs a batch 2 batches a weekend and 1 during the week. I am glad that these guys look so good and I would like your opinion on them also.
So here they are the Ceasar figs now as the elite force of 2020 south america
the streets erupt in a large fire fight troops rush to positions bombs drop from the sky the sound of jets and helicopters drowns out the sound of the orders that are given now is the hour where these men's training and skill are to be tested

bullets fly and grenades are thrown the street is full of movement and danger the sand bag wall offers little protection but some cover is better than none

singer missles take down jets while machine guns mow down  troops and rocket launchers take out advancing trucks

the hotel is now a fort the entrace a LMG position the windows gun ports

the desk now doubles as a defence as soldiers lay cover fire down for their friends in the street

the lmg brings death to many while other troops try and not  be killed while they kill

A rocket lancher is brought to the door as a tank rolls towards the defences

upstairs more troops use the their higher position to locate and take out any  hotiles they see

the rooms once known for comfort are now known for their bullet casings.

and on the roof a sniper and his freinds prepare to take out all the more dangerous targets be it helicopter hidden soldier or enemy defences

the old cafe is now surving ammo instead of coffee

the upsairs dinning area is now a firring gallery

the Elite guards prowl the tabels looking for any explosives or trap doors

the blown up police car now once more helps the law be encforced as troops hide behind it and rain death on their foes
 There we go the whole lot are done. now for the first time I shall acknolage my followers on this blog there are many of them so this may take a while...
Helo too

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well there you go all my followers. I hope your all pleased. That took me ages to make that list. but there you go and please comment on the figs

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Modern street war

OK I have no finished all my Latin American Special Forces. But I have enough or just the right amount to make this little set up...
Something is brewing in the city streets troops rush to take up defencive positions. enemy  jets fly overhead. and all the while gunfire shakes the buildings

in the cafe a sniper and a grenade launcher prepare for tanks and other vehicles

across  the road the medic runs to the site of the battle. other troops fire round the corner and try to stay out of the line of fire

on the cafes ground floor more troops fight. firing out of windows and doors they try to pin down the enemy. And by the end window a soldier with a stinger missile scans the skies

In the street the captain leads the fight. here also is a stinger in case of air attack. But also here are the LMG's not much use against advancing armour but death to anyone in the street

up in the shop across from the cafe more troops lay fire down on the buildings across the road

while down below they fire and hide as they come under heavy fire

marching towards the fight is the Elite gaurd. they are ready to lay down the law with brutal force and no remorce
So there you go. I cannot imagine doing a little display like this with all the figs. It would not be big enough. But I can already see how usefull the city streets project is so I am pleased.