Saturday, 30 January 2016

Conquistador and Mantis

Well hello everyone today I have something rather different for you. A preview of sorts today I will show you the first of my new figures. If you saw this post on my projects and crazy ideas blog you'll know that I recently bought quite a few figures recently and now all but one of the sets have arrived. But last night I had a rather interesting guest in my room who I didn't quite expect to be there. So on with the pictures.

The conquistadors play two roles in the story of Oronegro, first and most predictably they play the role of the early soldiers and knights that made up the first forces of Oronegro. But they also play a role in it's later history. Oronegro because of wars with natives and the tendency for battles to dissolve in melee combat armoured units were retained for use in situations where the protection they offered was of value. (I know it's silly but I like these guys)

A fine warrior, well armed and armoured, fine addition to my forces

He's painted up in Oronegrean colours of yellow and blue with red instead of pink.

a few of his amigos are also on my workbench right now but it's a bit of a mess with plenty being worked on.

And here is the guest in my room last night. Praying Mantis' are quite common at this time of year and we used to getting smaller ones inside but last night a rather bigger one came in much to my surprise.

Well that's all folks hope you enjoy this post and I'll try and get some more figures out before I go back to university although this time I'll be taking my paint and prepared figures with me. Maybe I can get a boat or two done before that point. Anyway good day/night to you all :-D


  1. Good work on the figure, send him after the mantis!

    1. The mantis is still haunting my room. Went to turn out my lamp last night and it was there at the base.

  2. Please could you do more of the modern Oronegran Army stuff.Thanks.

    1. Maybe in the future. The way I work is just doing what I'm currently more interested in, which is the earlier period. But with plenty of stuff to paint for the modern period I certainly will go back to it. How much longer I'll take on this I cannot say though as I'm trying to get both era's up to a stage where I can play with them both.