Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fishing Vessel 2 - Miguel

The second boat is now done. This one is slightly more generic. This vessel is Bermuda rigged aft and has a jib sail in front. I'm slightly less happy with the colour scheme for this one. Also included in this post are some Fig pics. With the final members of my Oronegrean family and an artillery officer on display. On with the pics :-D

El Miguel, (or Michael) is slightly wider than Carlos providing a more stable platform from which to fish from and a larger storage area for the catch.

As with Carlos vessels such as the Miguel are a common sight in Oronegrean waters, especially along the northern coastline where the many rivers create a nutrient rich environment that supports a large stock of fish.

Once again a whittled down toothpick becomes the tiller for the boat.
Now we get to the pictures of the latest batch of figures. Oddly there are more pictures of them than the boat but that is due to poor planning on my part.
Here they all are in the little supply building

Here is an Oronegrean artillery officer, I felt the choice of using Airfix British artillery was a good one. The uniform suits the Oronegrean colours (dark blue, yellow, white and pink for small details). And they don't look wrong next to Oronegrean troops

Oh crap he's seen me!

Finally the last two family members for my Oronegrean family. Sophia and Alberto.

Anyway that's all for today. I hope you enjoy the latest addition to my little fleet and the figures. I'll try and take better ones before I put their Bio's up on the Oronegro blog.

Oh and I better not forget my latest follower ScannableGoose from quite a few places by the looks of things. Welcome to the blog my friend. And to you all have a good day/night. :-D

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