Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Fishing Vessel - Carlos

Well the first of the hulls made during the Boat Building Bonanza has been finished. Introducing the Carlos. A small fishing vessel based on the Italian Paranza boat which used to be a common sight in the Adriatic sea. My model is not a direct replication given the purpose of the vessel for wargaming. But I am glad that I chose that teal colour in the end as that works quite well. Anyway on with the pictures.

Carlos with the rest of the model fleet.

on the left there you can see the boats that are yet to be done.

Sail is standard A4 folded over with tin foil inside.

Bow view with the name displayed proudly.

Stern view

 Here you can see my father whose nickname is Carlos (amongst other things) with his boat.

Nice view of the sail from this angle
And below as a bonus are a couple or recently completed figures. One is a militia fighter, hunter or perhaps a pirate, very generic and useful. The other is a member of the Oronegrean elite. Dressed in the Oronegrean military colours and a wig this man could be an officer in the Oronegrean armed forces.

Perhaps these men are protecting themselves from pirates?

Or are these men pirates who have taken the Carlos and it's crew hostage?
Well that's it for the Carlos. Hope you're all well and enjoying the start to 2016. And on that positive note let me introduce my latest follower Ace Jagger, welcome to the blog my friend.

And to you all a good day/night. :-D


  1. I saw the boat on Benno`s Figure Forum,
    so I caught a new wave on the incoming tide and made a visit here. Nice job of work on both the boat and sail.
    Greetings from Fiddle Wood ,United Kingdom BB

    1. I do like the sail. The way I made this one will become the standard way of making them from now on. Perhaps I'll need to update my tutorial for making wargaming boats and warships.

    2. Gowan,you don`t need to do anything other than what you wish to do. My Cannon arrived very quick. BB