Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Some militia, a copper wielding warrior and some shiny new toys

Hello all, I had hoped to do another post before I went away with work for the Splore Music festival. Sadly it is only now that I have returned (with abandoned tents, sunglasses and other found goodies in toe) that I can show you the minis I finished just before I left. But even if this post is five days delayed good things come to those who wait and indeed upon my return I found that some shiny new toys had arrived before me. All will be revealed below.

Quite the mix, let me break it down for you.

So first up we have some Imex Pioneers. These have been in the works for donkey's years. They wear the old style of sculpted tricorne. Nowhere near as nice as the newer ones but naturally the new ones build off the experience of the past. These figures are very useful from stand ins of early Oronegrean settlers to militia, to bandits and more. Yes the hats may be a little innapropriate for certain time periods but they are also far too large so perhaps it was a particular fashion trend unique to Oronegro.

A trend you can see here which will apply to most of the figs. I have used lots of dark washes to bring out the folds in cloth and the smaller details. I am quite happy with the results.

Same figures from behind. As you can see muted colours for the most part. Quite a change from the bright and colourful uniforms I am working on elsewhere.

Probably not a sight you'd want to see.
 The next couple of figs are from other sets. The one on the left is from the Imex Alamo Defenders set and the one on the right from the Airfix Wagon Train set. Again both useful for Militia, bandits or other armed civilians. 

I was particularly happy with the man on the left. Yellow coat and white shirt really do highlight the dark skin tone I used for this figure. Plus what is there not to love about someone armed with a blunderbuss (except one aimed at you of course).

Same figures from behind. Not much to say here.
Now here comes a very interesting figure. I have painted native troops for Oronegro in the past. But this is the first time I have done so for my 18th century project (well perhaps calling it the pre-20th century project would be more accurate). This is a Hät Thracian warrior from my very first 1/72 scale project relating to Alexander the Great. Now those old figures will get a new lease on life as natives of Oronegro. Armed with copper weaponary (the tribes of Oronegro will have a variety of tools and weapons, some stone, others copper and bronze and perhaps rare primitive iron work) this particular fellow is the first of hopefully many.

To emphasise how special this guy is I decided to hold him while I took the photos.

Many people think that all native americans used stone weaponary which is far from true. The Inca for instance had many quite deadly bronze weapons. So this copper weaponary is very reasonable. Even for a setting such as Oronegro where many strange and wonderful things are possible.

I added two feathers to his head. Unfortunately the red tips is too close to the copper so it appears to blend ruining the effect. may change the tips to black or another colour.
Finally here are my new goodies. Bought from Hägen Miniatures  I am very excited to have some more metal figs. Here we see some fantast 18th century female infantry (Perhaps used as an Oronegrean equivalent to Bodstonia's Purple Roses). Next are a couple Dragones de Cuera who were the frontier troops of New Spain, an elite unite, very interesting troops for which I can't find much good information in English (I myself am reading about them from sources in Spanish). A very appropriate addition to the forces of Oronegro as well. Finally we have a British Napoleonic 9 pdr gun... which also came with another barrel I assume a 3 pdr? Anyway useful for my minis as it fits in with my existing Oronegrean artillery.

So very shiny! Oh the potential right here.
Well I hope you enjoyed my post for this fine day. No news on the figures I am sculpting I am afraid. Have been sculpting a little bit replacing some of the old style hats I made with newer ones. Also in be on the look out for more posts by me relating to new models. I am on a bit of a new years spree as it were snapping up what I can to paint at a future date. But that will all come later along with other painted minis to share with you all. So until then I wish you all a good day/night ::)


  1. Nice work and some nice shiny stuff too!

    1. Thankyou sir! I do have more stuff on the way although this will be plastic. I have explicitly bought with having minis to paint for years as the goal so the next haul will be a big one.

  2. A fine variety of stuff to play around with. The alternate gun barrel might be a 6pr. Depending on its length, it could be the 6pr foot field piece, or the 6pr horse gun. If it is going spare, you could always make a ship's gun carriage for it and use it as such; or in a field role, the army in question eking out its scarce field artillery with commandeered ships' ordnance; or as a temporary shore battery piece. Lots of scenarios and ideas suggest themselves.

    1. Thank you Ion. Indeed there are many possibilities. I do actually have a spare carriage from an airfix ACW set. Which I could probably modify to suit as it too has the single trail design. So that is the most likely thing I will do with it.

  3. Nice. The idea of using the spare Barrel (above) with a ships gun carriage is a good one.
    Missed the Artillery ..love the uniform colours! and the airfix bod as a matadour ...very clever

    1. Thank you very much Paul. The artillery was quite the project at the time. Since then I have got a hold of some of the Esci British Artillery crew (who have the same uniform) but no guns which is why I got this cannon here. I have also planned to aquire some of the Hät Rocket Troops which I will hopefully recieve in a couple months or so.