Thursday, 28 March 2013

Challenger 2, another stealth tank

Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the road, another tank is rolling down the tarmac bring with it a car crushing weight and an accurate, deadly gun. it is highly advised that you remain indoors and get all vehicles off the road, unless your car insurance policy covers damage caused by tanks!
if you have forgotten the last stealth Challenger 2 here is a link to the post anyway these 2 tanks are very similar, the only difference is the amount of armour on the tank.
All the following pics are taken inside the new bookcase... as you can see we need to put the books in it.

If you find yourself looking up at these tanks like this.... this is probably the last thing you will see.

one has extra armour one has a flag.... I still think the armour is a better add on to the tank.

the tanks driving away!

this is a rather faded Oronegrean flag.

in formation

not much dirt but this is mostly for urban warfare

a propaganda photo... who can stand up to the national forces when they have these?
Well, well, well there we are my friends this tank may have arrived to late for tank week but she is here now and I hope you enjoy her company. I have been busy recently, being stuck at home with illness is not fun but painting models stops me stressing about what I am missing at school. So due to that I have got a few figs done. I have got some divers done, who all sport an interesting , unique but above all experimental camouflage. I have literally just finished another fig, but I may still alter him, and a mounted man with a sub machine gun is also ready to show so plenty to present. I just have to figure out how to post it all.

have a great day guys! Now all I need to focus on is that T-90A soon the baddies will have a powerful tank to use (and as this is Oronegro, and the tank probably was made in Oronegro... it may be a match for these brutes).


  1. They are some really mighty beauties Gowan.

  2. Yeah, they look very good!

  3. I like the front on shots Gowan. They look very sinister from that angle! I'm sorry to hear that you're still feeling ill and missing classes. But you're really smart and catching up is something I know you'll do.

  4. They look really good. I might have a bash at mine (somewhere hiding in the stash) one day soon.

    1. thanks Paul. have a go just remember the staples.

  5. It looks cool. I especially like the "propaganda" shot (I have always loved the way tanks look riding with their guns aimed to the side for some reason.)
    The aerials look great by the way, I only started adding them to my tanks recently so you are ahead of the game ;)

    1. your tanks are better than mine, with all the era and stuff, I don't think I am that far ahead of the game if ahead at all.... thanks so much for the compliment.

      a good bit of propaganda never hurt anybody.

  6. A tank in the hand is better than one in the bookcase Gowan. I think the flags look nifty!

  7. Good work Gowan!
    I'm not a specialist (or even have a special interest!) with this kind of "machines" but I like yours!