Friday, 8 March 2013

modern and 18th century, Oronegro my plans

well I love these t era's as you all know, but in recent days I have once again been pulled towards the tanks and planes and less towards the brigs and muskets. Blame Arma 2 for that... anyway I thought that I should use this to my advantage, I want to build and 18th century project but my ideas are far ahead of what is going on on the model front.
the cause of the whole problem, fun but its drawn me back to the future.

on the other hand my moderns are ready and waiting to be used. However the buildings and tanks are covered in MDF saw dust... horrible stuff. but once clean I can play a few games and carry on with that story. of coarse I will not stop painting and preparing my 18th century stuff, there is still lots to do on that project, but its nice that I have had to opportunity to start it.

now the problem is that now I have to find where I left off, and to generally re-organise to prepare for modern warfare once more. Yet now is a great time for this as we are having a large garage clean out. now that my father has almost done making the new bookcases (the reason for the mdf saw dust) its a good opportunity to finally organise the space, and this means preparing an area for my models. I'll have a place for my city boards and my boats and hopefully somewhere for my boxes of completed models. Also its about time that I put back together the tanks that Matt sent me (one of the ships will be named after him), the tanks are all a bit of a mess but I should be able to make something of them. Of course I still have all those modern figures to paint also so lots of work to do even if I am gearing up for my 18th century stuff later on.

well there we go a brief look at what should be happening, running the moderns a bit longer should mean that I can post more stuff here (18th century soldiers take so much longer to paint) and that perhaps a half decent game can come from it... hope your all happy to hear this news now I am off to paint some figures... moderns and 18th century.

and of coarse Greetings to Mojo from Weapons In Mass Production my 60th follower, welcome to the blog

for the sake of consistency all my moderns shall still have black bases in most cases.


  1. I like the idea of you coming back to current day collecting; of course do what ever will keep you enjoying the hobby. I have many different periods that I've collected over the years.
    You could also switch your focus in a specific period as well, such as a fictional Eastern European state or even Middle East like "Uncle Brian," set in the same time as you S. American games. Whatever keeps one interested in the hobby.
    AT any rate I look forward to seeing what is next :D

    1. Oh yeah, I love the T-90 screen shot!

    2. I might send over some Oronegreans to fight in Eastern Europe, it would explain the rise of the Rebels if the nations forces were weakened.
      Anyway I am going to have plenty of soviets in Oronegro, they want to secure this arms manufacturing hot spot before the far in europe gets out of hand.

      actually I hate to tel you but that screen shot is not mine... one of theirs, and I upgraded to the full version the other day $25 NZ dollars, not bad.