Sunday, 17 March 2013

My tank week! lets start the fun with...

... the Leopard 1. Well sort of first let us see what the week has in store for us all! Now let me first say a HUGE THANKS to Matt in Australia for sending my all the tanks (there is the hull of another and a turret of one more which don't go together and shall become battle field wrecks). All I needed to do was fix up all the guns, put on a few road wheels, fix up some paint, cover unwanted decals and generally take these guys from a state of sorry green models and turn them into fighting machines once more!

so without wasting any more of your precious time let me introduce the Oronegrean tank force as it stands today! also if the week goes well I might order a T-90A to add to the ranks (I still have the other challenger to do).
what a lot of tanks! (why is the Self propelled gun aimed strait up should have noticed that when I took the picture bugger....) can you spot the one that is not new, it should not be that hard as only one is black with white plates.
 Well as you can see there is 7 new tanks... I don't think it will take me all 7 days to get through them all as 2 are the same and today I am getting through 2 tanks! though they are both leopard 1 tanks, one is of an early type and is also 1/76 not 1/72 so is in Oronegro a special design... more on that later!
The Rebels are worried that is a nasty looking tank coming straight at them!

the leopard 1 A3 is a scary tank! this one built in Oronegro has some features that set it apart from the others.

first of all black diagonal plates either side of the gun! these were painted on at the start of the civil war to cover any symbols of the nation it was intended for (this case a kangaroo, yes I painted these over Matt's decals)

painting on the tools was not as fun, its quite a tedious task. the fabric/carpet? covering the gun was added by Matt

A lucky hit from the rebel gun destroys the tank but whats that coming up behind?
 Some of the tanks Matt sent me have turned out to be 1/76 scale instead of 1/72 but as I have already made up a nation that builds thousands upon thousands of tanks a year I may as well make up a few tanks as well! So here was my solution. Light Main Battle Tanks! Now I am not saying these are main battle tanks, the name is rather misleading, rather these are light versions OF main battle tanks, smaller, leaner and meaner versions. The Following is a small Leopard 1 tank its slightly smaller than a normal one, its gun is designed to take on lightly armoured vehicles and cars, its high speed and high rate of fire make is a useful is vulnerable tank!

moving in quick the Leopard 0.1 (had to think of a name quick) fires upon the rebel emplacement.

a comparison of the Leopard 0.1 on the left and the Leopard 1 A3 on the right.

hmm not the best shot but the Leopard 0.1 is clearly shorter... so much so that because of the different turret and size difference, I thought they were both 1/76 versions of different tanks.
Well there you go guys, 5 more tanks (4 types) to go! Looking at the range of heavy tanks I think that if I get the T-90A I better save up for some APC's or anti-aircraft vehicles because I certainly have enough (western) tanks.

have a good day guys!


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    1. wow you were fast to get here...

      ... oh yes and thank you.

  2. Awesome score on the tanks. Looks like it will be a fun project.

    1. yes it was a fun project! all that is left to do is paint the T-90 when it gets here and complete that challenger 2

  3. Good work on them!

    The smaller versions are urban versions! ;)

    1. nice idea! that's a reasonable comment on why they would exist. nice thinking.

  4. The Leopard 0.1 could be renamed the Lynx...