Friday, 11 January 2019

Ninja! Or some early los angeles negros.

So it has been quite a while since I last posted. But for once I have something to show. My models have now moved up with me to Auckland. A bit awkward having my painting set up, laptop and piles of books and over stuff all crammed onto the one desk but is better than having the perfect set up in another town. These are the first fruits of my new set up some ninja from the Caesar Japanese samurai with ninja set. But as with all things I have found a way to fit them into my oronegrean story. ::)
I thought doing a shot outside would be a good idea... Wasn't prepared for the mosquito swarm. Unfortunately I don't have the reflexes of a ninja and the little blood suckers escaped my vengful hands

I added bits of colour to their clothing, not particularly realistic but I felt they looked a tad boring otherwise

For those wondering how these fit into Oronegro, I will use them as early members of los angeles negros.

For the close up shots I relocated away from the mosquito menace

This figure was completed well before the others, finally his friends (all completed today) can join him

This pose is one of the mid-air poses, given I don't know how to make things levitate making it appear the figure was jumping off a roof was the best I could do.

This angle gives a better perspective of the roof itself. Unfortunately I was unable to fix the bent swords on the figures. Something about the soft Caesar plastic makes it hard to fix bends.
Well that's all for today. I have some work coming up this weekend (I work cleaning up rubbish at events - in this case the Mumford and Sons concert) so it may be a bit before my next post. I am working on a few things, including some fantasy figures.

For those curious I now also have a facebook profile so feel free to add me on there and sent constant reminders to paint the little ones.

Hope you all have a good day/night. ::)


  1. Excellent work ! not easy to paint all-black figures !
    Good idea to add colours even if I'm not certain of the green one : he looks more like a Ninja Turtle !

    1. Yes I have thought that myself. I decided to leave it as is though. Can't remember why I decided that though as he does look rather silly. Perhaps he is the distraction?

  2. Great to see another posting after all this time, Gowan. The green guy I suggest you might want to lose the green sleeves OR the green leggings - not both. I think he'll look more businesslike that way.

    You might be interested in the Gatonegro uprising (basically South American Wars of Independence sort of gig) that I began nearly a year ago. For this and that reason it has been on the back-burner a while, but I do intent to continue it. The 'Libertad!' movement is still relatively untrained, but a couple more battles should see them right...

    Good to see you back!

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner. Yes I think that is a good idea about the green ninja. Will get onto that right now (will remove the green legs as I think that stands out far more).

      I will also be sure to have a look at that project of yours. Although I must admit I am still only on the second post of the Lyndhurst series. I avidly followed Barry's posts back in the day. I was quite sad to hear he passed.

  3. Looking back over your previous postings, I see that you were inviting character names. I mentioned I had one for you. Did I ever send it? I suspect it was a variation on the real Bernardo O'Higgins, but don't now recall.

    1. I think you did indeed send the name I believe you sent the name.... or I have actually heard about Bernardo O'Higgins and am confusing me reading it to you sending me it. Either way I have basically forgotten about that old post. Been so long since then and I so removed from my models until now.