Sunday, 27 January 2019

More Conquistadors and some sculpting

Hello everyone turns out I do have one last post for this month. It appears that a couple of conquistadors were somehow able to slip through my grasp and escape the photoshoot that happened last week. Well now I have found them they too have been told to scrub up and prepare for the photos. Much whining was had but finally they were compelled to pose nicely for the camera. In addition I have been trying my hand at scultping recently using a couple of techniques. One was one used by the manugacturer AB figures. For this I substituted the NZ made hobby putty Du Kit for Fimo, it didn't work so well and one leg broke so I decided to use a more traditional method for the remainder of the figure. Perhaps I need to experiment with the Du Kit a little moe. The other was based on an armature I had bought from Green Stuff World. I decided to sulpt a woman in this case mostly because I have so few woman figures plus it does give me a chance to practice sculpting flesh a bit which will be a useful skill to have once I transition to using wire based armatures which I hope to do if my efforts here prove successful. I hope you enjoy and please remember these are WIP those massive eye sockets will get filled. None of my usual commentary on these figures as I am someone rushed for time. Still I hope you enjoy this wee post of mine.

Well that is all for today I hope you like it. I am now off for a twelve hour shift at work. Wish me luck. And to you all I hope you have a good day/night.


  1. Good work so far on the sculpting!

    1. Thankyou sir. Have quite a bit of work coming up but hopefully I get a little break where I can do more work on them.

  2. Very nicely done, great looking minis!