Saturday, 1 September 2012

camera need batteries

well I actually have a bit to post right now. I am almost done that first board for the new embassy district (well the first board is not part of it but shh) Also I have taken a knife to that 1/76 scale M113 fire support vehicle... its all part of my dream to acquire some 20mm Vulcan air defence systems which are mounted on the M113 chassis, and because the come in 1/72 the current AFV would be too small, so I chopped it up and made the O112- 175mm howitzer!!! a gun unique to Oronegro mounted on a smaller version of the M113 chassis! perhaps I will also show you the first of the german figs I have painted as he sports their camoflauge which I designed to look like a possible near future camo pattern for Oronegro; I'll let Emmett (Winttrix be the judge of how good it is) also I am in communication with a kind guy in Ozzie to see if we can organize an exchange or gift so that I may aquire some AVF's and I am offering him some ancients. Last but not least I am also taling to Matt and Shaun from Elheim and S&Smodels respecticaly to see if they want their companies represented in Oronegro... on the board I am making.

and Helo to my new follower on my other blog Austin B from somewhere? not sure if you have a blog or not. Ok guys hope to post pics soon, well as soon as I can get a decent set of AA batteries, why are they so expensive?

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  1. I like the idea about advertising on the board, how about rechargeable batteries, expensive to begin with but in the long run they'll be better for you!