Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Oronegro has its own blog!!!!!

its all very spur of the moment but yes Oronegro now has its own home to call its own. the blogs layout is far from complete, I still have plenty to work on but yes the land that I must say deserved a place for itself for a while has left its parents (this blog) and established itself elsewhere.

http://gowansoronegro.blogspot.co.nz/ is the new home for all things Oronegro


  1. Can't wait to see more. Does it mean we won't be able to see your Oronegro stuff here anymore? Will you still be updating it?

    1. do not fear I will still update this blog with the pics. however a more detailed explanation will be available on the other blog.Also it leaves this blog to have a wider veriety of subjects which is good, without having to increase the number of labels I lready have to accomodate for say; biographes or stats on Oronegrean forces.