Saturday, 22 September 2012

Outdoors game part2 turns 1-3

in the last post I went over the build up for the game, now it is time for the real action!

Turn 1 I decided before the game to give the National forces the advantage of going first, OK I am playing them and it is a solo play game but experience tells me that these rules I am using... modified Warzone - modern combat rules... cause major carnage to both sides even mine as a Solo player.

this turn saw the national troops run from the trench with minimal losses 2 dead and one injured, caused by rebel LMG fire from the camp and the emplacement, in turn the rebels lost 4 men 3 from the patrol and one in the camp.
let us take a moment to remember these guys... they are right next too...

the advancing nationals who immediately get them by surprise and kill 3 of them

the big gun comes under National LGM fire but the shield protects the soldiers near it and only a rifle man is killed

coming out into the open was the most dangerous activity for my forces as was proved later on

the remaining members of the scouting team surrender and are escorted off the battlefield by 2 national soldiers
turn2 Turn 2 saw the rebels struggle to get to grips with the surprise attack and deal with the loss of the scouting team, the national forces on the other hand got ready to launch an all out attack, sending the first team to some scrub under covering fire and a medic to attend to the injured soldier.

from above the national forces can be seen moving up the trench out across to some scrub, the patrol can be seen dead on the ground and the surrendered ones watched by an eagle eyed soldier.

the Rebels run to their frontal positions and 2 of them jump onto the gun but are unable to move it due to the heavy fire from across the road.

the general and his guards go into the bunker entrance for cover as bullets wiz over head.

the first team runs to some scrub and fires at the emplacement

one sharp eyed soldier from the team kills one of the 3 on the emplacement revenge for the death of their brother in arms

more national fire takes out rebels who are not in cover 4 are dead and the LMG (left) is injured

the remaining guys on the emplacement fight back

2 national soldiers are killed and another injures, the other medic comes to his aid.

James.ep3 lines up ready to make his presence known, well action felt but his location unknown.

another rebel falls to one of his shots, his body almost falls into the bunker
Turn3 This turn saw the tide of battle turn and an all out fight for survival by both sides. The initial initiative held by the national forces was lost and they paid dearly for it. things got so bad that they asked for an air srtike. but it also saw the medic achieve his goal of stabilising a soldier who was then able to fight on, he had no choice the battle was to fierce! the losses of this turn were, 3 rebels one an SMG who was sorely lost and 5 national troops and more injuries for the medics to attend to.

with the battle ragging on the 4th team and a medic went to support the LMG team in covering the advance of the other troops

one rebel soldier tends to his injured comrade dodging bullets and helping to heal a badly bleeding arm. Sticks mark the injured soldiers ;-)

the Rebels are pissed off the gun is aimed, much to the shock of the LMG below who was made deaf, but he is unable to complain now! as events will show.

the LGM's carry on firing hoping that the gun will miss.

they manage to kill one by the gun but

and some more behind the defences

the arm is wrapped up but this is not position to be in... James. ep3 shoots.... but misses :-(

the Rebels have some fun taking out 1 LMG and 3 other soldiers wounding another.

even the scrub does not provide cover and a fifth soldier falls.
The big Gun then fires but misses, which is the only real bit of luck for the national force this tun, NEXT POST!!!! I will include the conclusion to the fight and show you how the Battle ends just before that air-strike arrives! stay alert for more :-)

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