Thursday, 6 September 2012

germans- sneak peak and repainted rebels and snipers

well this will be the post with the longest title I ever want to put on this blog. I really wish that the batteries had not run before as now I am posting both of these together, the sneak peak at the Germans and the repaints for the other figs! so first up the repaint.
these are the national forces sniper unit. they were originally painted without any real camo pattern but now they have one

they are still together in an over kill formation, how many people do they need to take out at once?

and now for the rebels, behind my newly made sand bag wall made from paper towel, PVA glue and some strips of hard card that I use for my buildings

oh dear Shaun from S&S models is having his store raided! well he did say to me it looked to tidy so lets solve that problem

what they are carefully browsing!!! where is the looting!

and in formation! about to raid Matt's Elhiem models and the smaller Byzantium section of the store

their leader still has his neck brace but now, he is wearing his effective camouflage.
the figures abouve were given their camo by my little sister Abi she has not really painted figures before but she did a good job on these guys! the camo is almost the same as what I painted on the national forces as it is surposed to be! now onto the peak at the germans!
some UN forces from war raveged Germany search the currently quiet streets of La Ley!

taking no chances the gunner is ready on the road to shoot through the door way

my handwriting is crap so I am very pleased with the little UN on the guys helmet!

as you can see the camoflague is complex

very complex I dont surpose that these guys will be done for a while!
there you go guys and remember to look at the other blogs to get the bigger picture of what I am up to hobby wise!
helo to my new followers Chris from just another wargames blog now it is really called that I am not getting lazy with posting about my followers. Also a big welcome to András Szilvásy from random&creative welcome to this blog!


  1. A very handsome uniform on those UN guys! And little sister is ... erm ... a dab hand at camo painting as well!

    1. thanks Ion yes UN germans will be patroling the safer streets of La Ley making sure that there are no bombers or other mal contents getting into the national held areas. and as for my sister I am very happ with the result if you look back at how they used to look and how my national soldiers look you can see why I am proud of her work, oh and of coarse the dabing technique is the key to this camo's pattern!

  2. I've got a few of those hats:) Nice work Gowan

  3. Ion is right those UN poses look great. Nice one.

  4. I especially like the UN boys Gowan.