Sunday, 2 September 2012

O112- 175mm howitzer- I found batteries :-D

well as the title states I have found some batteries after a quick house search, they weren't very good and barely had enough power to run the camera, and because the camera is "intelligent" and decides when it needs different batteries I did not have enough time to take really good pics, that and the light was not good... anyway onto the howitzer

the O112 is a smaller version of the M113 and as the O designates it is made for Oronegro, the O versions of Popular AFV's come in either a smaller version or a lager version of the original, for instance another vehicle built in Oronegro was the O1A1 which was a huge version of the Abrams MTB, the O112 does not come in many forms and the Howitzer is the only one that saw action only under the command of National forces. Why smaller? well even this howitzer can be transported by plane, the O112 series of AFV's was designed for air transport and for use in the older districts in the city of La Ley or in other places where ally ways were common. the O112 was exported to a few other nations but never was used by the USA or Great Britain who knew that their army would possibly realise something was up with these smaller vehicles...
gun in rolling along the road, yes that gun is huge, perhaps a bit bigger than 175mm but it seemed suitable

the gun rolls along the road attracting the attention of a near by soldier

that rectangular bit above the gun can be lowered over the gun to provide extra strength when firring-mostly done when multiple shots have been fired because once down the guns angle cannot be adjusted

this guy should get down a good sniper would easily pick him off. the little tally chart is done with a sharp pencil, I forgot to take a photo but I also used pencil to give a metallic look to the tracks and the end of the guns barrel!

sorry didn't rotate it my fault

how did I create this; well I got that M113 fire support vehicle I had, and because it was 1/76 scale and I hope (dream) that I may one day get some M113 vehicles or the Vulcan air-defence system mounted on a M113 I thought that because these would be true 1/72 that this little one would be too small. so I took a knife to it and removed part of the roof. added some dowel (a bit long) and some other bits and bobs. and of coarse the figs. then paint, and detail, wash and finally a bit of pencil to add a metallic look here and there and that tally chart.

there you go guys, have a nice day/night


  1. 175mm!! Blimey..when that thing fires it will make a decent hole somewhere :-D
    Did you use the old airfix APC?

  2. The scale difference in the 1/76 Airfix/JB Models compared to the 1/72 Italeri M113 types is minimal and you cannot really notice it Gowan.

    I feel sorry for the EME lads trying to keep that vehicle running after the recoil stress from the huge gun.

    Nice looking conversion...And did I mentioned HUGE!

    Model on.

  3. That's an impressive gun, it'll make a big hole in something!

  4. Great conversion work Gowan. Always gotta love big guns! :)

  5. Very great gun on this little tank. Interesting version.

  6. "nice" gun!! I suppose that the firing makes a very important recoil of the gun!

  7. thanks guys. once I have got some better batteries that will last more than 4 seconds I'll post pics of the german I painted up already

  8. Interesting: one of those military expedients, one supposes, that led to the marriage of 15.0cm infantry gun upon a Panzer Mk I chassis, or odd pieces of ordnance upon captured Britisn Bren carriers and Light Mark VI tanks.

    I would guess the assault gun pictured is underpowered and mechanically unreliable, but earns its upkeep by its capacity for inflicting a world of hurt for whoever winds up on the receiving end of its attentions.

    An imaginative adaptation, Gowan: just the thing for a Third World nation with aspirations.

    1. you are totally correct! one of its biggest flaws is centre of gravity! that thing is terrible on rough terrain, going down hills is a nightmare as the whole thing has a habbit of tipping forwards due to the gun on steeper gradients

  9. This calls for...