Friday, 4 May 2012

church in a war zone

well I have finally got this little beauty done. took me a little over a fortnight and is also entered into the group build... remind me to enter it if I forget. it is across the road from the other building I showed last time and is meant to look like all the important and expensive things; stained glass windows priceless paintings, the priest have all been stored away for safe keeping in a little room. the church tower on the other hand is a nice tall one with great views and a low parapet, so if your a sniper or a small man trying to find a way to be taller than your neighbour this is a place for you. of coarse as my game is set in Latin America this is a catholic church, a big thanks to my father (former teacher of RE in the UK) for help with the layout.
pretty, shame about the join between roof and walls

there you go as if you were in a helicopter flying over trying to find that pesky sniper who shot your pig

well you missed but you did take out the wall. I suppose that might help

well here is a look inside that small room on the bottom left is the store room, full of cleverly covered up priceless objects

the front enterance, a bit shot out.... is that bullet holes in the concrete

a little look inside who is that in the corner

a look over the altar

and the statue, just one of my old crusaders, possibly saint Martin
well there you go hope you all enjoyed this little structure, I hope to have the slum that is besides this church done by sunday so maybe more pics tommorrow. but for now let me introduce my followers...
bienvenido a Alfons C├ánovas from miniaturas militares alfons canovas. not seen this blog before so I cannot say much.
G'day to Archduke Piccolo a fellow miniatures man in NZ and take a look at his blog archduke piccolo.

well there you go. I have a bit of a cold so I am not feeling great so no overly complicated replies please my head hurts as it is


  1. Very nice work there Gowan.

  2. That's an impressive and great looking building Gowan!

  3. thanks you guys and also a big thanks for no overly complicated answers. I am a little better this morning

  4. Thanks for the plug, Gowan! That is a fine looking edifice, you have there, and no doubt the town's founding fathers would be justly proud.