Saturday, 5 May 2012

the final piece of the puzzle, slums

well I got these done basically yesterday, they may not look like much but hey, slums don't look impressive. I made them out of card, wood, foam core and resin corro sheeting. but with these completed I can tell you all that I am going to take a nap. constructing these boards has been a rewarding and fun experience. but one that did not really please my parents, they did not like the way I took up the whole table to make one. so maybe it is for the best that I return now to painting a few glorious fig. but for any of you who prefer my boards, I have plenty more ideas and materials where those I have used came from and I am not about to leave the streets of La Ley with such a small representation, it is a big city and these are just the outskirts.
on the end of the board we find the slum. put up after the former building was blown up

a small drain runs past, the smell is unbarable

from above it is clear these huts are poorly built

a quick look inside reveals the squalor

2 soldiers patrol these empty huts

one finds an abandond room, he is glad he is wearing a gas mask, the smell is  worse than a dead rotting cow

the other reamains by the other rooms, he does not want to enter he can tell there is nothing alive in there already

the 2 men leave and explore more of the slum, that putride drain is nasty, but at least there is a fire to keep them warm
there you go. my final building for the group build. do not expect me to be entering more any time soon.


  1. You have some very clever ideas for scenery Gowan.

    If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been into wargaming ?

    Keep up the good work with the blog.


    1. I have not gamed as of yet, though I am planning to test out wargaming with these boards. but as far as painting goes I would say 4-5 years

  2. I've enjoyed viewing what you have produced so far, Gowan. As my 'Latin Wars' have a similar Latin American setting (sort of) I appreciate the chance to see how someone else handles it, so I can pinch thir ideas... :)

  3. I noticed a piece of cardboard in one of these pictures that shows a fly-killer thingy. There's a part of that picture that cut out would make a fine drain or man-hole cover... Every little helps...

    1. oh yes it does... I think that the paper might have gone into the paper recylcing pile so I am not going to see it again :-(. feel free to pinch my ideas, besides that is why I have the other blog to get yours and discuss my own. no intalecual copyright over my works (models)

  4. Very nice piece of scenery Gowan!